Stephen Collins Has Not Shot Himself

Courtesy: Zimbio

Earlier today, reports surfaced involving “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins after he admitted on tape to molesting several underage girls.

Well now, the story seems to be getting worse. His neighbor, actress Donna D’Errico, just tweeted that Collins shot himself.


Los Angeles Police have not confirmed D’Errico’s tweets but according to KABC-TV, police have been dispatched after a report of shots fired in the neighborhood which Collins lives in.

Divorce documents leaked by TMZ reveal that Collins’ ex-wife believes that her ex-husband is a pedophile with a long pattern of sexually molesting children.

In the wake of Collins’ admission, TV Guide Channel and UP TV decided to pull “7th Heaven” repeats from their schedule until further notice.

UPDATE (12:15 a.m.) – Internet journalist Matthew Keys is reporting that according to an LAPD source, Collins shot himself earlier tonight in his home. His condition is unknown.

UPDATE (12:19 a.m.) – KABC-TV is reporting that police are responding to reports of a single gunshot at the home owned by Stephen Collins.

FINAL UPDATE (12:21 a.m.) – Reports are untrue. BuzzFeed’s Jon Passantino is reporting the following information on his Twitter page:

LAPD officer tells me there was no shooting tonight at Stephen Collins home. He is “alive and well” and not even at that location. That information comes directly from Lt. Robert Davis, Watch Commander for Los Angeles West Valley patrol division. Lt. Davis says ABC7 news crew in front of Collins’ home thought they heard loud noise coming from residence. Officers responded, found nada.

TMZ also confirms that Collins is alive and that there were no shots fired in Collins’ home.


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