Do You Trust Your Best Friend? Is A Must See


We call them our sidekick. We laugh over the craziest things when we’re in their presence. Not to mention, we share our deepest and darkest secrets with them. Pretty much we just live for our best friends.

However, all best friends aren’t always loyal.

On Oct. 5, I saw Derrell Lawrence’s stage play, Do You Trust Your Best Friend? And yes, the play is exactly what the title says with many surprising twists and turns along the way.

When you watch the trailer, the viewer understands that this is all about a best friend that betrays her love-struck best friend by trying to seduce her boyfriend. But that’s only Act 1, Scene 2.

Of course, I won’t give the juicy details away but I would encourage everyone to see it, whether alone, with your significant other, and even your best friend. It has many life lessons that can help in any relationship. The viewers are entertained, but yet taught how to act in terms of love and friendships and how to keep your mouth shut!

Hmmm, I know I learned a thing or two, when I saw this play and I hope you will too. And you’re in luck, because the Do You Trust Your Best Friend? will be performing in the Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University on Friday, Oct. 24 and Saturday, Oct. 25.

And don’t forget to comment back on this article and let me know, do you trust your best friend?


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