Ferguson, Missouri: Two Months Later

Courtesy: Ferguson October


Two months after the shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson’s story is still unfolding – so where does the community stand now?

Today, 66 days after the tragic shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown sent shock waves throughout the nation, the teenager’s community in Ferguson, Missouri continues to rally in support of his family and against the local police force responsible for his death.

The incident occurred August 9th, when Brown was apprehended by Officer Darren Wilson for “walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic,” according to CNN and police chief Thomas Jackson. After what has been described as a violent struggle between the teenager and the officer, Wilson withdrew his gun and fatally shot Brown, an action that has yet to be ruled upon in terms of its legal justification.

Courtesy: Ferguson October

Members of the Ferguson community, as well as thousands of other U.S citizens, are still expressing their outrage regarding Brown’s murder and their opinions on racism within the police force.

Dozens of protests have been sparked and subsequently shut down, as supporters have gathered on the site of the shooting, outside the police station, in front of local businesses, and in the middle of the streets; leading to multiple arrests and even a tear-gas incident. These protests, two months later, have yet to cease.

In fact, it seems the rallies had only just begun, as this past Friday marked the first day of “Ferguson October,” the four-day series of civil disobedience and resistance to demand Wilson’s arrest.

Hundreds of protestors congregated on the steps of the Ferguson police station for four hours on Monday – even in the face of torrential downpour – in order to represent how long Brown’s body had been left in the street after he was shot. Throughout the 4 days of protesting, which were comprised of demonstrations at the police station, at local universities, shopping centers, and City Hall, over 50 protestors were arrested, according to the Associated Press.

Clearly, the small Missouri town is not one that concedes easily. Brown’s mother and father, Lesley and Michael, Sr., have issued statements calling for both peace and justice, maintaining that the latter would only be present in the form of Darren Wilson’s arrest. Whether or not the family will obtain the justice they and the rest of their community are fighting for is to be determined, as the entire nation awaits the decision of the case’s grand jury with bated breath.


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