Ottawa Shooting: What Happened?


Cpl. Nathan Crillo (Courtesy: NDYN)

A soldier was killed at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday after a lone gunman opened fire and injured three others.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, the victim, was guarding the memorial when the shooting began. He was shot in the back, according to Peter Henderson, a journalist who was at the scene when shooting took place.

The gunman, Michael Zehaf Bibeau, continued shooting inside of Canada’s Parliament building minutes later.

“I heard rapid fire — gunshots going very loud — and I figure maybe 20-plus shots within 10 seconds,” said Kevin Lamoureux, Canadian Deputy House Leader.

He was one level below the gunshots. Lamoureux said he heard more gunshots minutes later, believing they were toward the gunman.

Many officials believe Bibeau, who was eventually killed, was a terrorist. Bibeau converted to Islam and had a history of drug abuse, according to CNN.

Bibeau’s passport was confiscated from Canadian officials when they learned he planned to fight overseas, a U.S. law enforcement official told CNN.

Police investigations continue as they try to find out more about the gunman and his possible motives. Neighboring countries and allies are supporting Canada during this serious time.


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