Scandal Review: One of the Good Guys


Hello again Gladiators.

Once again, I am indeed stressed thanks to the savior of network TV, Shonda Rhimes. I will be a fan of hers until the day I die, but she honestly has to stop with the infinite plot twists and stop-your-heart scenes. Really.

With that said, let us debrief.

First of all, we are shocked in the first two minutes by the shooting of the friend of the dead girl from the last episode. Obviously, her name and her small role is unimportant but, of course Mama Shonda decided to kill her off to set the tone for the night. I’m starting to think she doesn’t really like kids, though. In the first season, Amanda Tanner was killed while with child. Last season they offed Jerry Jr. Now two kids are killed in back to back episodes. Should I call CPS or no?

**Side note: Olivia called Jake her boyfriend. SHE called JAKE her BOYFRIEND. As an Olitz fan, I do not approve at all.


Moving on, Jake has been taken to the depths of the Pentagon AKA Purgatory where he is probed for a confession in the murder of our beloved Jerry Jr., which he will not and cannot give. We see him being interrogated by a painfully annoying Pentagon worker and clearly, because he is Jake from State Farm and exudes boss-man behavior, he tells this interrogator to shut his trap because he isn’t saying a word until he sees Fitz.

As we saw in the last episode, he was on his way to give Fitz the evidence that implicated the Master of Shade (Rowan) in the murders of both Harrison and Jerry Jr. but was intercepted by the Pentagon Warriors. So Jake is going on a hunger strike and while the people at the Pentagon are trying to be the tough guys, we are ALL aware that they’re terrified of Jake. At that moment, so was I. Think about it: he is in shackles in the basement of the Pentagon surrounded by a group of armed men and he has the AUDACITY to say “I’m being nice. Stop talking.” BOSS BEHAVIOR.


Meanwhile, we had to experience the awkward moment that was Daddy Pope and Liv’s “night cap.” I’m 99.999% positive that we all were watching with a disgusted and confused look combination on our faces. We know Rowan is the shadiest character on that show, as I have said before and will say again, and the fact that he almost has Liv blinded by his shade grinds my gears. The whole scene was just weird. I’m still uncomfortable with it.

So we all remember how Quinn found Huck’s family for him and he went postal on her, right? This episode we find out that he has made contact: KIM KNOWS HE’S WATCHING THEM. Even though we were all desperately hoping for a beautiful family reunion and for Huck to get his life and sanity back, we were disappointed because Kim thinks Huck is crazy and has already called the police on him. SEVERAL times. I wanted that happy ending so badly, but of course Kim ruined it for me and the rest of Huck’s fan club. And to make matters worse, she wouldn’t let him see poor Javi. My feelings are hurt. Huck’s feelings are hurt. We are ALL hurt. Shame on you, Kim.

Aside from all Huck’s drama, Liv puts him to work in finding Jake from State Farm, whom she finally realizes may be in a bit of a pickle. Huck finds out that his last known location was the Pentagon and right then and there: Liv knows who’s got him. She immediately calls the White House and I know all of you saw the breath go right out of Fitz when Lauren tells him that Olivia Pope was on the line. He may have thrown her shade on the phone but we know he missed that private line ringing. WE ALL KNOW, FITZ. 

Enter Cyrus Bean, the happy bearer of bad news. Since Fitz couldn’t give her what she needed, Cyrus had to be the one to tell Olivia that the man she’s involved with is accused of treason. Personally, the scene was a little too dramatic on Cyrus’ end, with the “next time you call me, I’ll be dancing on his grave” bit, but it seemed to be enough for Olivia, who straight lost her marbles when she heard.

But as we all were hoping and expecting her to do, she took her anger out on the real culprit: her father. I was at the edge of my seat, literally about to fall off when Liv stormed into her father’s office to give him the business for setting Jake up and for killing her friend. But sadly, I slumped back into my chair when the Master of Shade put on his deception cloak and tricked Liv into thinking he was the good guy. Again. My eyes rolled probably over 20 times listening to him rant about Jake’s “obsession” with Olivia and that being the reason why Jake “killed” Harrison and Jerry Jr. The whole thing sounded fabricated even to the viewers so imagine my shock when Olivia decided to believe him. Right then is when my stress level began to elevate.


The real bomb drops when Mellie goes on a rampage because she thinks that Fitz is off seeing Olivia during the time they go to visit Jerry Jr.’s grave. Mellie just will not shut up and we all know that when it comes to Mellie, Fitz tends to let his anger get the best of him, so it’s no surprise that he slipped up and revealed that Jerry’s death was a murder to the emotional and clearly mentally unstable FLOTUS. What nobody expected was her reaction. People, I said last week that I think Mellie has gone off the deep end, but REALLY. It’s past time she get a straight jacked and be sent to a padded room. Comparing your son to Jesus? He died for your sins? Mellie. GET. IT. TOGETHER. You are scaring us.

photo (6)

Finally, the episode concluded to another scene we all expected but were just not quite prepared for. Fitz beating the crap out of Jake because in the end, all of this interrogation, all of this animosity was all about Olivia. But yet again, folks, Jake displays pure boss behavior and continues to taunt Fitz with graphic (too graphic) details of his “walk in the light” getaway with Olivia. Stress maximum reached. See you next week, Gladiators.



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