Logic – “Under Pressure” Review


Maryland’s very own, Logic, dropped his debut album, Under Pressure, on Tuesday October 21st. Being born and raised in Maryland, I must say I was extremely happy to see Logic branch out from simply dropping mixtapes to finally dropping his album. Under Pressure has 12 tracks and the deluxe version of the album contains 15 tracks. I must say this album did not blow me away like I expected it to, but I can’t deny that I enjoyed most of the songs on the album.

Throughout Under Pressure, Logic keeps a solid consistency throughout each and every track, delivering good verses and a great flow. If you have been listening to Logic ever since his earlier mixtapes, such as Young, Broke & Infamous or Young Sinatra, you can tell he has been honing his lyricism allowing his flow to be perfected.

One of my favorite lines coming from Logic is on the track “Bounce,” where Logic wittily raps “out the blue like a Crip, but I never bang though.” Anyone who listens to this album can hear Logic’s ability to bounce all over a track with his word play, but a catchy flow is not enough to make a song powerful.

Courtesy: DoubleToasted.com

I found a couple of songs in the album to be reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar, such as the track “Never Enough,” where the beat sounds like it could have been a track off of good kid, m.A.A.d city. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it is easy to tell that Logic is inspired by contemporary emcees such as Kendrick or Drake, and they aren’t bad artists to be inspired by. Nevertheless, being a strong believer of becoming unique in Hip-Hop, I think that Logic could do a better job of branching out from those two artists and craft himself into a more recognizable emcee.

However, the album was not complete uninspired repetitiveness or a copy-cat effort to gain fans, Logic managed to craft some of the deepest songs I have heard this year.

One of the songs I thought to be powerful was the track “Nikki”, where Logic talks about his love for a girl named Nikki, but as the song progresses he reveals that he was not describing a girl, but his addiction to nicotine: “I’m a slave for the Nicotine.”

Another track that I could tell Logic was pouring himself into was “Growing Pains III,” where he raps about the ugly realities of life in the ghetto and the possible experiences the women and children living there may go through. Moreover, I wished that Logic would have made some of his other songs more personal like this, because these were the songs where I found myself sympathizing with him and wanting to know more about him and his life.

As for the three bonus tracks on the deluxe edition of Under Pressure, I think that “Alright,” accompanied with a feature from Big Sean, was the best and the catchiest. This is one of those songs that you would blast in your car on a Friday evening after a stressful day at work: “Hold up, Let me get my mind right. Let me get my mind right.”

Album cover, Courtesy: Def Jam


The other two songs, “Driving Ms Daisy” featuring Childish Gambino and “Now” were not that special to me, I would recommend just buying the regular version of the album, you wouldn’t be missing out.

In conclusion, Logic’s debut album was not a horrible way to put his name on the map. He took a smart approach at making a focused, featureless album (besides the deluxe version) and it was, for the most part, effective. I will certainly be listening to this album throughout the year and look forward to more tunes from Logic.

Favorite Tracks: “I’m Gone,” “Bounce,” “Gang Related,” “Growing Pains III” & “Nikki”

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