Protesters Take Center Stage as Hillary Clinton Speaks At UMD (Pictures)


Hundreds of students, supporters of gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown and fans of Hillary Clinton gathered at Ritchie Coliseum to rally in support of Lt. Gov. Brown as he engages in a tight-knit race against his opponent Larry Hogan.

The rally, which lasted an hour, gave Democratic lawmakers a chance to present their platforms to a young student base whom they’ll need support from in order to come out with wins in various races during Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The main attraction of the day was of course, Hillary Rodham Clinton, but her speech did not come without controversy. Protesters representing a group known as United We Dream interrupted the former secretary of state at least four times over the course of 15 minutes.

The protesters called for an end to deportations of illegal immigrants with children here in the United States. Representatives of the organization say that the idea to interrupt Clinton’s speech was thought of at the last minute.

They previously interrupted a speech which Clinton gave in North Carolina and decided it would be effective to do so once again here in Maryland.

United We Dream is calling for an executive action on President Obama’s part and believes that Mrs. Clinton has an influential voice in the Democratic Party who can help bring their demands into fruition.

The group would like immigration reform to eventually pass but aren’t focused on legislation concerning the issue after it failed to pass in the House. They view an executive action from President Obama as much more feasible and said that they are “tired of waiting.”

As they chanted during Hillary’s speech, the crowd assembled at Ritchie Coliseum drowned out their noise by chanting “Hillary! Hillary!” Police seemed to have a difficult time leading the protesters out of the arena but members of the crowd helped out by pointing to the culprits of the protest.


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