NFL Week 12 Fantasy Winners and Losers


A huge game by Drew Brees propelled me to a comeback ninth win of the season. One week until the playoffs start means this week determines your seed in your respective playoffs. Make sure everyone one on your team is a Week 12 winner, instead of a loser.


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Winner: Drew Brees (NO) 45.5 points:

For only the second time this season, Drew Brees eclipsed the 40-point barrier against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Saints lost the game, it appears losing is the only way to win the NFC South. Brees had 420 passing yards and three touchdowns against a banged up Ravens secondary. His 45-point game comes after a season low last week against the Cincinnati Bengals. The biggest drawback to Brees now is that 3 out of the next 5 games are on the road, where he is only averaging 28 points a game. Obviously too good to sit, but don’t expect a six touchdown game anytime soon. Continue reading NFL Week 12 Fantasy Winners and Losers

Ferguson Protesters Occupy D.C. (Pictures)

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No less than 24 hours after a jury in Ferguson released their decision to not indict Darren Wilson, cities across the country including our nation’s capitol erupted in loud protest. The protest in Washington, D.C. began in Mount Vernon and took to the streets as the crowd grew to over a 1,000 supporters. Here is a timeline of what happened.

Protestors sit together and talk as they hold up their posters. “A Colorblind America? Not to the Parents of Michael Brown.” (Naomi Harris/Pulsefeedz)

7:00 p.m. – Protesters fill up Mount Vernon Square with posters, some homemade and others handed out by organizations. Posters read, “Black Lives Matter,” “Stand With the People of Ferguson,” and “Justice for Michael Brown.” The crowd listens intently as people speak on behalf of the protest and the importance of showing support for the events happening in Ferguson.

A young boy holds up his sign as onlookers pause to glance over at the two protesters. (Naomi Harris/Pulsefeedz)

7:23 p.m. – The protest begins to move towards the streets with people chanting, “No justice? No peace. No racist police!” and “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Continue reading Ferguson Protesters Occupy D.C. (Pictures)



Student protests continued at the University of Maryland Tuesday afternoon but this time students are demanding more than the demilitarization of University of Maryland Police Department. The protests were also against the grand jury’s decision to not indict Darren Wilson for the death of Mike Brown.

Students decided to occupy the Adele H. Stamp Student Union (by not purchasing food from the Stamp food court for several hours) in order to raise awareness and fight for the following issues:

– Returning of military weapons given to UMPD by the Pentagon 1033 Program

– More racial diversity in the police force to prevent racial profiling

– An extensive review of the diversity training practices of UMPD as well as allowing students to provide recommendations to alter what students view as ineffective practices.

– Students also want to have a discussion with UMPD and President Wallace Loh in order to compromise in meeting these requests

Pictures and video of this event can be seen below:

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Later, students Kayla Tarrant and Muftau Shinaba shared their opinions about the #OCCUPYSTAMP Movement.

Students hope that both the University of Maryland campus community and campuses nationwide will recognize the issues minority students face in today’s world.

More coverage on the #OCCUPYSTAMP movement can be found here!

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For more on Monday’s protest, click here!

For more on Monday’s emergency town hall meeting, click here!

State of Black Leadership Gives NAACP A Chance To Speak Out

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The NAACP delved into a drove of issues affecting the African-American community and beyond at last week’s State of Black Leadership panel discussion. From education to gender relations to respectability, no stone was left unturned at the annual event.

Panelists included the infamous Taurean Brown, also known as @TheBlackVoice on Twitter; Dr. Jason Nichols, a lecturer at UMD; Moriah Ray, a senior government and politics major; Krissah Thompson, a staff writer for the Washington Post; Curtis Valentine, a Prince George’s County Board of Education member and Ryan Swann, an alumnus of the University. Continue reading State of Black Leadership Gives NAACP A Chance To Speak Out

UMD Students Gather For Emergency Town Hall Meeting (Pictures and Interview)

Students listen as Chief Mitchell speaks to the student population about new weaponry (Jessie Karangu/Pulsefeedz)


As students congregated Nyumburu Cultural Center, there was a sense of urgency and anger held by many in attendance towards the police, towards the university, towards Darren Wilson and to some extent towards themselves as a faction. Everyone’s discontentment spilled into the mic at Monday night’s emergency town hall meeting which was called into session to discuss the Ferguson grand jury decision as well as a protest which occurred earlier in the day.

It was a packed house at Monday night’s town hall meeting discussing the demilitarization of UMPD (Jessie Karangu/Pulsefeedz)

The protests were held to stand against new weaponry which the University’s police department has invested in. According to the Baltimore Sun, the University has “a $65,000 armored truck, 16 “riot type” 12-gauge shotguns, 50 M16 rifles, and a handful of other items.” Many students expressed that they feel uncomfortable with the UM police department’s newest toys due to the way Ferguson’s police department has used similar type of weaponry to combat protesters in their respective city.

Moriah Ray, a student activist and member of UMD’s chapter of the NAACP, says that UMD’s increase in weaponry comes at a very weird time.  Continue reading UMD Students Gather For Emergency Town Hall Meeting (Pictures and Interview)

Ferguson Grand Jury Makes Decision


Would the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer result in an indictment? After months of waiting, Missouri finally got an answer on Monday night.

There will be no indictment for Officer Wilson.

Over the past weeks, a St. Louis grand jury deliberated, leaving not only Ferguson but the rest of the county on the edge of their seats.  It’s no secret that after the August 9th shooting involving Wilson and 18-year-old Michael Brown, the Missouri town saw weeks of protests, some of which became violent. Many questioned how the tension post this announcement would affect those protests.


The possible charges that the grand jury considered are:

– First degree murder

– Second degree murder

– Voluntary manslaughter

– Involuntary manslaughter

– No charge at all

Students Protest UMPD’s New Weapons (Pictures and Video)


As protesters and citizens across the nation await the final verdict in the Michael Brown trial in Ferguson, students at the University of Maryland College Park also assembled in hopes of raising awareness about the new military weaponry given to the University of Maryland Police Department.

UMD sophomore students and protesters, Chris Bangert-Drowns and Nate Hansell also raised campus awareness through flyers distributed at the Main Administration building.

According to the flyer titled: “The Social Justice Coalition Against UMD Militarization,” The University of Maryland (along with Coppin State University and Morgan State University) are now a part of the Pentagon’s 1033 Program aiming too provide low cost military weapons to campus police officers.

Some of the weapons include:

  • 49 M-16 Assault Rifles
  • 16 12-gauge shotguns
  • 1 $65,000 armored truck
Flyers distributed during the protest. November 24,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)
Flyers distributed during the protest. November 24,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/Pulsefeedz)

The protest began at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at approximately 12 p.m. and was led by Freshman Julian Ivey and Sophomore Curtis Dickens who condemned the University of Maryland police’s use of these dangerous weapons.

Ivey and Dickens gathered a group of roughly 20-30 students who traveled from the Stamp to Mckeldin Mall and the Main Administration building, where they eventually approached David Mitchell, the Chief of UMPD, reading a list of demands. The list of demands of UMPD were read by Ivey, Dickens and senior Tiara Ettison in the main lobby of the Administration building.

Here is the audio recording:

Later, Protester Chris Brangert-Drowns shares his thoughts on the protest.

Both the University of Maryland Police Department and University President Wallace Loh have declined to comment on the protest.

Stay tuned to our Twitter pages for more information about the future of the protests:




Black Friday Tips


Black Friday starts earlier and earlier each year. At some stores it begins as soon as the Thanksgiving plates are cleared. Lines at stores start forming at ungodly hours before the sun rises. Not my kinda fun. But there are people who live for this. If you aren’t one of those people but still want to experience the wonderful sales of Black Friday, you’re gonna want some tips…

Black Friday Meme
Courtesy: Car Memes

1. Have a game plan.

With many stores and only so much energy to expend, you will need to have a list of the things you want to accomplish. You should know what stores you want to go to and how to get to them, what you want to buy, and how much you want spend. This means taking the time to look-up the deals your favorite store will be having. Knowing what you want will help you avoid pointless crowds, although those are everywhere. Continue reading Black Friday Tips

Students Release Their Insecurities with the Black Student Union


With the stress of the school year reigning over students at the University of Maryland, things like personal insecurities and doubts begin to pile up. Not often do university clubs and organizations provide resources for students to find the good in themselves. In fact, many students are constantly overburdened by their personal conflicts that continue to weigh them down.

University of Maryland’s Jazmyn White, President of the Black Student Union says at times like this students need to love themselves more than anything. This prompting White to plan an event where students can write down their insecurities and doubts on sheets of paper, tie them to balloons and release them both figuratively and literally.

Continue reading Students Release Their Insecurities with the Black Student Union

Beyonce Releases 7/11 Video



As of this morning, two new songs from Beyonce Platinum Edition were released. And what better way to start of your Friday morning than a new dance anthem from the Queen? Beyonce not only dropped 7/11 and Ring Off but what appears to be a homemade collage of videos for 7/11 has been added to her YouTube Channel.

Beyonce has not only continually surprised her fans since her unexpected album Beyonce last year around this time but it appears Mrs. Carter plans on taking things solely on her own. Each time Beyonce does not let her fans down as she shocks the world with something else. Continue reading Beyonce Releases 7/11 Video