Hornbake Plaza Gets Scary This Halloween


Screams from Hornbake Plaza could be heard all over campus on the eve of Halloween. On any other night, I’d be concerned, but that night the screams were anticipated thanks to SEE’s haunted house.

Courtesy: see.umd.edu

Many students journeyed to the haunted house to be scared by SEE’s team of monsters. From clowns to zombies to dead babies, the Hornbake Haunted House had almost every scary creature imaginable.

One student, Michaela Taylor definitely had a frightful, yet fun experience…”My favorite part of the haunted house was when the chainsaw guy jumped out at me and I almost crapped my pants. Good times.”

Scary surprises lurked behind every corner, making the trip through the haunted house even more exciting. By the end, you couldn’t help but look over your shoulder to see if there was a creature creeping behind you.

Courtesy: umdarchives.wordpress.com

SEE’s spooky attraction was a great alternative to other Halloween festivities in the area, such as haunted forests and woods. Though the house was small in size, the show inside gave a huge scare to all that entered.  As a free activity, it was something no struggling college student could easily turn down.


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