Kevin Hart Visits UMD


From our monumental switch to the Big Ten Conference, to the creation of new residence halls and academic buildings; The University of Maryland has developed a university that caters more towards the student population. On October 11th, Student Entertainment Events (or SEE for short) changed the game for University of Maryland student activities by announcing that Kevin Hart was scheduled to perform at Cole Field House on November 1st.


When that glorious day arrived, Pulsefeedz and other media outlets (The Diamondback, WKYS, WMUC, SBS, GossipOnThis etc.) from across the region got the ultimate privilege of interviewing the comedic wonder alongside his co-star in the new movie The Wedding Ringer, Josh Gad. Gad is known by many as the voice of Olaf in the hit Disney animated movie, Frozen. They both participated in interviews to promote their movie which is coming out next January.

Is The Wedding Ringer based on a black wedding or a white wedding? 

Hart: “Well, first of all, you’re racist.”

What can audiences take away from The Wedding Ringer?

Hart: “When you’re yourself, you’ll get accepted being around the right people who can accept you for who you are.”

What drew you to the script?

Hart: “It’s a different role where I can not only be funny but be serious. I felt that the combination of the two characters was a great opportunity and something that I haven’t done. And they paid me.”

What advice would you give to other aspiring comedians?

Hart: “You don’t know what you can do until you do it. Don’t be a talker. A lot of people like to talk about what they’re going to do and what they’re trying to do instead of putting their best foot forward. Actions speak louder than words.”

On his comedy routine:

Hart: “I’m an open book. I think that’s what got me to the level that I’m at now. What I experience in life is what I feel like I should talk about whether it’s positive or negative. People love real information and that’s what I’m giving them.”

How do you feel about changing yourselves for a significant other? 

Hart: “I don’t feel anything about that because I don’t think I would ever do it.”

Gad: “I’ve been with the same person for over a decade now because she took me for who I was.”

Hart: “And there’s a lot of flaws with Josh.”

After other outlets got their opportunity to ask questions, it was Pulsefeedz’s turn!

Josh, you recently wrote about Robin Williams and I know you guys as comedians, you have a lot of stuff that you have to take in. How do you keep yourselves emotionally stable?

Gad: “Well, I think that my family is the most grounding force I have in my life. I got two little girls who keep me down to earth and don’t really let me do anything but you know be a dad. I just try to keep myself surrounded by really cool people, that’s why Kevin and I aren’t close friends.”

Kevin Hart gives Josh Gad a questionable look.

Gad: “You try to surround yourself with really cool, down to earth people. You try to be a dad, you try to be a husband, and you just kinda focus on life.”

Kevin, you’re starting your own version of Netflix is what I’m hearing?

Hart: “Yeah. How did you know that already? A lot of things going on, always stretching the business realm. Right now, I’m working on a multicultural platform for comedy that will have an integration like Netflix.”

The very last bit of the video is hilarious. We tried to get Hart and Gad to give Pulsefeedz a promotional shoutout but it didn’t go as planned. Check out the video below to find out what happened.

Here are some great pictures from the press briefing held by SEE. They were taken by photographer extraordinaire Lauryn Froneberger!


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