Role Model or just Real Messy? Why Celebrities Can’t Behave (Opinion)


It seems as though celebrities in this age can’t seem to act civilized despite being directly in the public’s line of sight. That became apparent yesterday after watching the ridiculousness involving R&B crooner Chris Brown’s reaction to the conversation concerning his relationship with model Karrueche Tran on the daytime talk show The Real. Brown was set off by commentary between Bailon and Braxton who speculated that Chris may not be the ideal guy to be with and Karrueche’s friends are beneficiaries of their relationship, so if she should want to leave him, they may not be the first to give her their approval.


Chris is no stranger to negative publicity, having a record and reputation almost as long as his list of hit songs. He caught the first blow to his spotless reputation back in 2009, when he brutally beat his then-girlfriend, the Bajan princess of pop music, Rihanna, on the way to the Grammys. Everyone, even those uninterested in pop culture, cringed at the sight of the injuries Rihanna sustained as a result of Chris’s rage.


Since then, it seems like Chris Breezy has been on a downward spiral in the eyes of the public. With numerous assault charges looming over his head, CB is making it clear that he can’t keep a lid on his anger. Even his stint in rehab went awry when he was kicked out bragging about using weapons. Really, Chris? Given his stature in the entertainment industry and his relationship with Rihanna, Chris’s relationships are under a media microscope, making his current relationship with Karrueche seemingly “fair game” on Monday’s episode of The Real, a talk show hosted by former “Cheetah Girl” Adrienne Bailon, singer Tamar Braxton, TV personality Jeannie Mai, “Sister, Sister” star Tamera Mowry, and comedienne Loni Love.

This conversation is not the first to be had by talk show hosts, gossip columnists, and just regular entertainment fans, so I was a little confused when Twitter began buzzing about Chris Brown’s Instagram rant in response to the show. However, being all too familiar with his foolishness, I prepared myself and ventured to his account. His post was even worse than what was expected.

photo 5

As a fan, of privacy, I sympathize with Chris on the act of protecting his relationship and attempting to keep the outsiders on the outside. But I am not down with my favorite celebrities acting like hooligans on social media, so I cannot stand by the method he used to “protect what’s his.” Let’s dissect this and try to make sense of it (probably not going to happen).

First of all, the way he began this Instagram post takes me back to morbid memories of elementary school roasting circles on the playground. I understand that you have your career set and the money you made from your last two singles alone could pay my tuition five times over, but PLEASE, Chris, GROW UP. You are a 20-something year old man who has a successful career, a beautiful girlfriend and supportive (but dwindling) fan base. You want to talk about someone having life goals, how about you start with one to act your age, not your shoe size.

Secondly, I think all celebrities should have a strong filter to distinguish what the proper way to address an issue is (i.e., a publicist, a concerned mom, a fed-up cleaning lady, whomever), and it’s obvious that these celebrities don’t have one or don’t respect them enough to follow their directions. With all the drama and straight idiocy that “Team Breezy” has to put up with concerning their beloved leader, you’d think that he would try and turn things around and give a mature and appropriate response instead of this obvious case of diarrhea of the mouth. This man needs needs Jesus and Iyanla morphed into the form of a PR rep to get his image back on track.

photo 1 (1)

(Side note: CB might also want to do a fact check, Adrienne Bailon may not be as rich as he is, but she sure is richer than his girlfriend. So much for not messing with broke girls, I suppose…)

Lastly, I must pose the question that should have been asked before Chris decided to go on this rant: Did bashing two women entitled to their own opinions, insulting their looks, trashing their claims to fame make YOU feel any better? I doubt it did. While he’s also entitled to his opinion, there has to be a level of class and dignity in these prominent stars that affects the way they respond to situations like these and with Chris, I’m assuming that his level is close to zero.

His post this morning on Instagram was slightly redeeming and I applaud him for owning up to his mistake and being more mature about the entire situation. In my opinion, an apology was not necessary from him because it wouldn’t have been authentic. Kudos for the recovery but for your fans’ sakes, do a lot better, honey.

photo 4 (1)

Now onto Tamar. I am a huge fan of Mrs. Tamar Braxton Herbert, and even considered myself a ‘Tamartian.’ But after her tirade on Instagram in reaction to Chris Brown, I am starting to rethink my choice to join Tamar’s mothership. As a 30-something-year-old woman who has a husband, a young son, and several family members in the entertainment industry, you would think, hope, and pray that Tamar will tame her wild tongue and resist the strong urge she always has to speak her mind. No such luck here, folks. Tamar goes off just as bad as Chris does and even has the audacity to conclude the rant saying she harbors no ill feelings toward Karrueche or Chris.

photo 1photo 2photo 4

While Tamar’s post was a little more mature than Chris’s was, I cannot give her credit for participating in this foolishness. What she is saying is partially true, but she can’t honestly expect Chris or Karrueche to have ANY type of respect for her, after delivering the low blow of mentioning his shredded reputation and discrediting his manhood while implying that Karrueche can’t, and won’t speak for herself. I can’t even respect her after that.

I’m sure Tamar has a publicist (albeit not a very great one) who told her if she wants to maintain her positive, yet ratchet self-image, she had better try to keep it classy. While she did try, the shots fired at Chris and his girlfriend made that attempt a image-damaging failure. To add fuel to the fire, Tamar played at the one thing that everyone loves to do: purposely spelling Karrueche’s name wrong. We all have tried, with ill or the purest intent, to spell and sound out the Vietnamese-American model’s name to no avail, but Tamar took it to another level of disrespect when trying to tag the model in an Instagram post. She also proceeded to taunt Karrueche and insinuate that she, in fact, owed Tamar an apology afterwards. Again, CHILDISH.  She discusses what a “real man” should do, but Tamar, girl, a real WOMAN keeps it cute, or keeps it on MUTE.

Despite all the shots being taken and the immaturity, Karrueche was the real MVP of the drama and decided to take the road less traveled and state her opinion without all the fluff.

photo 3

Karrueche isn’t known for being boisterous like Tamar, or wild and careless like her boyfriend Chris Brown. While she may appear to be reserved when it comes to her opinion, she most certainly made a statement here. Her choice to not insult anyone or to add more to the drama earned my respect.

It’s a shame when stars that you grow up idolizing turn into the very people your parents warn you about being. So for the stars who continue to act as if no one is watching, I say this:

You may not have asked to be anyone’s role model, but when you decided to become an entertainer, you took on the position anyway. Start acting like it.


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