H7 Review

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Courtesy: @mwalterrs

Another year, another #H party.

H7 descended upon the DMV area on November 1st and once again it did not disappoint. The hype surrounding this yearly event reached all-time levels after it was discovered that fake tickets were being sold for as much as $100 (Sidenote: If you have any information on this incident, please contact police).

The line to buy tickets resembled Air Jordan releases at the University of Maryland and the number of underclassmen begging for tickets would’ve made you think that copping one was a life or death situation.

This year, more than in the past, attendees present came from a diverse array of schools which shows just how much the reputation of this festivity continues to grow. University of Maryland and Bowie State students celebrated Halloween together with students from Morgan State University, Towson University, Coppin State University and Salisbury University.

The purchasing of tickets before the event and the security check at the door was also very well organized, quick and to the point. It’s good to see D&T Brand continuing to coordinate their events with class and structure. This is probably one of the reasons why students continue to lurch onto anything associated with their brand (no pun intended).

I was surprised by the choices in costume this year. Of course, the women looked gorgeous as usual. As a great philosopher once said, there is no beauty in existence which can compare to a black woman’s beauty (Ok, I just made that up but you can’t deny it’s validity).

With that being said, there weren’t too many costumes which stood out or were unique. Most people decided to dress up as superheroes or cartoon characters which would’ve been OK if everyone wasn’t clothed in the same vein.

Costumes of the night Courtesy: @idealsofmaat

The music throughout the night was okay. Many partygoers were in a state of mind where it didn’t matter what was playing but I feel for the DJ. The energy surrounding this party is always so intense every year that I’m not sure if there’s anyone who can ever live up to expectations.

H7’s host deserves a lot of kudos for keeping the vibe and excitement of Halloween pumped up without interfering with the music or trying to be self-centered.

Given the amount of people in attendance, I also have to commend the security in charge of the event for not getting in anyone’s way and letting attendees enjoy themselves. But I do wish it wasn’t pitch black because it made it hard to maneuver from place to place.

Critics of the party who asked to remain nameless questioned the price of tickets. With increasing tuition, bills, gas and so much more, is it fair to charge students such high fees which can go up as high as $40?

H7’s promoters would probably argue that they have their own expenses to make up for including: securing a venue, hiring security and marketing the event. There is also still a demand for tickets by students (mostly underclassmen who aren’t as financially literate) even when prices reach higher rates.

This is an ethical dilemma which I’m not sure how to answer but it’s something which I think should be looked into further.

In conclusion, congratulations to D&T Brand on another well-planned-out event. The maturation and popularity of #H parties continue to astonish me.


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