Kevin Hart Comedy Show Review

Disclosure: This review will not reveal any of the material used during the show. You’ll have to wait until Hart releases his next stand-up special. Sorry!


Right now, there is no one in the entertainment industry who is as adept and proficient in the craft of comedy of as Kevin Hart. No other comedian in 2014 commands as wide of an audience as Hart does and the Philadelphia native proved that exact point when he performed in front of thousands of students at Cole Field House on the day after Halloween.

The crowd waiting outside couldn’t hold their anticipation of the show, so much so, that this was the scene after gates were opened at 5:30 p.m.

Two people were left injured, including one who had to be taken to the hospital. The line even went across campus from the front of Cole Field House all the way to the Eppley Recreational Center. Fortunately, I was able to meet up with friends and butt in line (because there was no way in hell, I was waiting in the bitter cold all the way at the ERC).

Excitement for Kevin Hart’s show was too real. Maybe it was WAY too real.

Once the show began, two members of Hart’s troupe told jokes about living life as a college student. Hart subsequently appeared on stage and told jokes for an hour and a half.

It was extremely annoying to continuously hear warnings about using mobile devices during the show but I understand why it was necessary. They needed to protect their content which could possibly be used during Hart’s future stand up movie. Not to mention that many college students have a short attention span and forget easily.

Hart co-stars with Josh Gad in "The Wedding Ringer," coming to theaters in January.
Hart co-stars with Josh Gad in “The Wedding Ringer,” coming to theaters in January.

I love the way Hart used the same strategy in this comedy set that he always uses: talk about your personal life and make it funny. There’s no better way to find a connection with your audience than to portray your real and authentic self. Hart uses the same strategy as usual but he delivers it in a different manner which makes it comical.

In the past, Hart has said that he wants to make his shows into an event or an experience. He does so by using fire, vibrant colors and special effects.

One thing I would suggest is actually something that comedic genius Jerry Seinfeld also suggested to the 35-year-old during a recent episode of Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee. Use some more visual elements to evolve your show. Even though a comedian’s job is to tell you a humorous story using your imagination to frame what is happening, pictures and video would help supplement Hart’s set in a unique way which isn’t utilized in the industry as often as it could be.

Kevin Hart laughs at Josh Gad's personal connection to his character "Doug" November 1,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/ Pulsefeedz)
Kevin Hart laughs at Josh Gad’s personal connection to his character “Doug” November 1,2014. (Lauryn Froneberger/ Pulsefeedz)

My only other suggestion would be to see more of a cohesive story. At times, Hart went into some tangents which were funny but didn’t connect. Maybe that was intentional but, in my opinion, it’s better to have revolve around one story or alert viewers when you’re moving on to something else.

(Lauryn Froneberger/ Pulsefeedz)
(Lauryn Froneberger/ Pulsefeedz)

On behalf of all black Napoleans like myself, I would like to commend Mr. Hart for his hard work and success. He’s doing it big for all of us. It makes me proud to be short and black.

He may be getting a letter or two from some orangutan association after they watch his upcoming stand-up show because they may find his jokes offensive (lol) but I think Mr. Hart is one of the best things to happen to comedy in a long time.


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