Time For An Amanda Update


Just when we thought it was over, Amanda Bynes is back again with her Twitter rants. This time, her rants are focused on a more sensitive topic: Adolf Hitler.

The former child star took to Twitter on Monday to share her thoughts on the late dictator and Nazi Germany.

“Adolf Hitler tricked the Germans into believing that jews were less than the Germans and that they should be segregated and then killed. But Germans who feel Adolf Hitler was incorrect aren’t guilty in my book.”

While these tweets aren’t the worst that we’ve seen from Bynes, they sure will turn some heads. In addition to her tweets about Nazi Germany, Bynes decided to tweet some other random thoughts yesterday morning.

“If you have to force someone to do anything- you are in the wrong. Forcing someone to like you when it is obvious that they don’t like you is considered unattractive in my mind.

“Feel my pain. If you don’t like someone regardless of who they are, you have every right to be rude to them….I’m so rude.”

Bynes was recently released from a psychiatric hold at a Pasadena, Calif. Hospital. Since leaving treatment, Bynes has been spotted hanging out in L.A. She was also caught sleeping at the Beverly Center Mall recently in addition to dying her hair purple.

While on psychiatric hold, Bynes was diagnosed with bi-polar and manic-depressive disorder.


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