NFL Week 10 Fantasy Winners and Losers


Well, it appears my team is made of humans after all. I took a mighty shellacking this week due to Arizona’s defense and Jordy Nelson. Coming down the home stretch of the regular season, there is no more room for error. Every personnel decision must be a gain for your team. Hopefully these Week 10 winners and losers will clarify the murky situation:


Courtesy: ESPN

Winner – Aaron Rodgers (GB) 60.8 points:

Call in a priest because for the third straight week, a quarterback posted six passing touchdowns against an opponent. Rodgers played possessed against a Chicago team that needs to be taken over by somebody. At least a demon would put up a fight. Chicago’s team lacks the one thing that makes a team a champion: heart. Cliché or not, Aaron Rodgers passed for 315 yards on 18 completions. Next up for the Packers is a Philadelphia team that looks every bit as dangerous with Mark Sanchez as with Nick Foles. Obviously, continue to play Rodgers.

Courtesy: ESPN

Loser – Andy Dalton (CIN) -0.9 points:

I promise this is not a typo. Andy Dalton scored NEGATIVE .9 points in a Fox Sports league. That means that JaMarcus Russell had better stats than Dalton. Dalton completed only 10 of 33 passes for 86 yards. He threw three interceptions and zero touchdowns. Dalton now has more interceptions than touchdowns (he only has 9 INT through 9 games). Cincinnati has been awful and spectacular in the same season. Dalton has three favorable matchups coming up, starting with the Saints in Week 11. Start him if you have no other option.

Running Back

Courtesy: ESPN

Winner – Marshawn Lynch (SEA) 45.3 points

Only Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning scored more points than Lynch. Beast Mode was in full force on Sunday, rushing for 140 yards on 21 carries and four touchdowns. This was Lynch’s best game of the season. There isn’t a lot more I can say to help someone comprehend what Lynch did Sunday. Jamaal Charles scored five touchdowns in a game last season, but all five were receiving touchdowns against the Raiders; hardly the competition of the Giants. The defending champs travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Chiefs. Kansas City broke the world record for sound earlier this year, a record previously held by the Seahawks. Start Lynch, even against the KC defense.

Courtesy: Zap2It

Loser – Reggie Bush (DET) 2.5 points:

Bush had 20 rush yards on four carries. The ninth-year back from USC has been wildly ineffective this year after being a stud last year. The Detroit Lions will not beat any team as a run first team. That means in order for Bush to have consistent fantasy value, he needs to catch passes and score touchdowns. He has done neither. Add in his extensive injury history and Bush has already created a busted season. Next up for the Lions is the Arizona Cardinals. Though they lost Carson Palmer, Bush has to run against one of the league’s defense. Sit him and do not think twice.

Wide Receivers

Courtesy: CBS

Winners – Dez Bryant (DAL) 30.8 points & Jordy Nelson (GB) 30.2 points

Finally, Dez Bryant put up a Dez Bryant game. Don’t get me wrong, Bryant has been great this year, but Sunday was his standout game (and it wasn’t even in this country). Bryant caught six passes for 158 yards and two touchdowns. It was against the Jaguars, but the last time I checked, that was still a pro team. Maybe playing in London will open the Jags up for relegation. Until then, start Bryant…except for Week 11 because he has a bye. Any week after Week 11 will be ok.

Jordy Nelson is quietly becoming one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. Sunday was Nelson’s second 30-point game this season. Nelson caught six passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns. With a nearly identical stat line to Bryant, the two receivers played vastly different games. Bryant and the Cowboys played in an international game against the not-quite-there Jags; while the Packers played against the Bad News Bears. Nelson will play Philadelphia in a game that is shaping up to be quite the shootout.

Courtesy: The Whistle

Loser – Michael Floyd (ARI) 1.1 points

The battery mate of Larry Fitzgerald may need to replace his Energizers. The last three games, Floyd has caught five balls for 47 yards. The former first-rounder is playing like he should be in the first round of cuts when next season comes around. Floyd is going to have to step up because Carson Palmer is done for the year. If Floyd doesn’t step up against the Lions in Week 11, he might be the next to step off the roster.

Tight Ends

Courtesy: Wikipedia

Winner – Jimmy Graham (NO) 21.6 points

He’s done it! All is right in the world as Jimmy Graham was the highest scoring tight end in Week 10. Graham caught 10 passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns, and it still wasn’t enough for the Saints to win. The Saints’ defense is in shambles and the offense continues to lack the ability to put up enough points. If the Saints are to make the playoffs, the team needs to find a rally point and ride the momentum. The Saints play the Bengals in Week 11 in the Dome. Jimmy Graham will have a great day.

Courtesy: ESPN

Loser – Travis Kelce (KC) 1.9 points

One week after 67 yards and a touchdown, Kelce puts up one catch for 19 yards. There is no real reason for concern, but with Dwayne Bowe getting more and more touches, Kelce will have to make the most of his catches. Next up is Seattle. Do not start Kelce, even if it is a home game.


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