UMD Participates in America Recycles Day


November 15  signified another America Recycles Day, a day meant to bring awareness to reducing waste by converting it into reusable material. America Recycles Day was established “to educate…to motivate…to make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year.”

Interns at the Office of Sustainability at the University of Maryland held an America Recycles Day event on Friday at the Stamp courtyard.  Two interns for the Office of Sustainability, Melissa and Josh say they do outreach to students in hopes of better educating the student population. Melissa says they “try and get students to learn about recycling and understand it a little bit better…we’re taking pictures for social media we have recycling corn hole so each little like bean bag has an item and then you sort it, recycling or trash.”

(Jessica Marquez/Pulsefeedz)

“It is America Recycles day but everyday should be a recycling day. So we’re out just to celebrate and promote but you know every time you see a recycling bin, you should be utilizing it,” Josh said.

(Jessica Marquez/Pulsefeedz)


The University of Maryland does it’s part in recycling, having three different bins at Stamp Student Union and all over campus: one for composite, one for recyclables, and the third for waste. Signs and examples are placed above the bins in order to facilitate the process of throwing out trash in the correct container.



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