Beyonce Releases 7/11 Video



As of this morning, two new songs from Beyonce Platinum Edition were released. And what better way to start of your Friday morning than a new dance anthem from the Queen? Beyonce not only dropped 7/11 and Ring Off but what appears to be a homemade collage of videos for 7/11 has been added to her YouTube Channel.

Beyonce has not only continually surprised her fans since her unexpected album Beyonce last year around this time but it appears Mrs. Carter plans on taking things solely on her own. Each time Beyonce does not let her fans down as she shocks the world with something else.


The video not only symbolizes her creativity but this goofy, yet charming version of Beyonce adds to it. The song isn’t for the lyrics more so as it is for the beat. The chaotic percussion and fast words of, “Smack it, smack it, smack it in the air,” among others just makes you want to jump up and dance around.

Everything about the music video – from the under dressed Bey to the background of what appears to be her hotel suite – screams authenticity. It looks like she decided on a whim to create something and went ahead and did just that.

It’s a perfect tune for when you’re getting dressed with your friends, dancing with your friends, or honestly drinking with your friends. This is a song meant for rejoice with friends-as is evident with Beyonce dancing with her dancers in her hotel room.

Beyonce has yet to disappoint with these new projects and this music video can rejuvenate anyone.



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