Students Release Their Insecurities with the Black Student Union


With the stress of the school year reigning over students at the University of Maryland, things like personal insecurities and doubts begin to pile up. Not often do university clubs and organizations provide resources for students to find the good in themselves. In fact, many students are constantly overburdened by their personal conflicts that continue to weigh them down.

University of Maryland’s Jazmyn White, President of the Black Student Union says at times like this students need to love themselves more than anything. This prompting White to plan an event where students can write down their insecurities and doubts on sheets of paper, tie them to balloons and release them both figuratively and literally.

Although the biting cold decreased attendance, about 20 students arrived at the Sundial on McKeldin Mall Friday to let go of the things that trouble them on a daily basis. Some students wrote personal insecurities about things like their appearance, the things they wear etc. while others wrote about things such as their fears of not being good enough and not being successful.

Here is a video of the beautiful balloon release including the reactions of several students once they let go of their balloon.

Overall, the balloon release was a great moment of closure for this week’s events featured below.

Courtesy: Twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

Stay tuned for the Black Student Union’s next events by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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