5 Tips for Acing Final Exams


College students, you just finished digesting your Thanksgiving meal, and now it’s almost time for finals! Time really does fly. But before you endure those dreadful two hours of test taking, here are five helpful hints to help you along the way:

1. Do not procrastinate.

I have vowed to study weeks before finals begin, but I always end up doing the opposite. So I understand the plight of the procrastinator. However, taking advantage of those moments to get a head start helps you remember the information better and understand it more. Also, it gives you the opportunity to ask your professor questions you might have in your review.

Courtesy: blog.voanews.com
Courtesy: blog.voanews.com

2. Indulge in ONE fun turnup.

If you complete Tip 1, then you really deserve to turnup before the exam! Partying for a few hours the weekend before finals gets you loosened up and stress free before you study. Of course, don’t party the night before your test, but turnup a good amount of time before.

Courtesy: memecenter.com
Courtesy: memecenter.com

3. Compose your own study packet.

At this stage, you should know what will possibly be on the test. So why not condense that information on one sheet so you can carry it around with you? Whenever you have the time to study, take it out. Whether you’re in the line at Chipotle or in traffic, this will all pass by really quickly as you’re studying with your handy-dandy packet.

Courtesy: blogs.voanews.com
Courtesy: blogs.voanews.com

4. Eliminate the stress and get some rest!

You won’t know the outcome of the test until after you take it, so what’s the point of stressing over an exam that hasn’t even started yet? Take a deep breath, exercise, or take a friend out for lunch. Relax and get some sleep. Of course, an eight-hour sleep sounds impossible so close to finals week, but making an effort to do so even if it’s just five hours, will work wonders.

Courtesy: spiderdiaries.richmond.edu
Courtesy: spiderdiaries.richmond.edu

5. Take the test with your best accessory.

This could be your favorite piece of jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, a cardigan, or anything. The point is that you feel great and confident while taking the test.

Good luck fellow classmates. You will be successful!

Courtesy: www.collegemediamatters.com
Courtesy: http://www.collegemediamatters.com

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