UMD Chapter of Delta Gamma Sorority Member Posts Controversial Photo

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A sorority at the University of Maryland has unfortunately gotten themselves into some trouble once again.

Delta Gamma Sorority Inc., best known for a steamy email which trended across the internet last year, is receiving some heat on social media after a picture posted on Instagram by a member of the sorority was deemed by critics as racially-insensitive.

The photo was taken at a 21st birthday celebration and features a cake which contains racially explicit text. The text allegedly reads: “suck a n*gga d*ck.” The Instagram user who posted this photo also used a hashtag in the caption which reads: “#suckan*ggad*ck.”

Discussion about the photo reached popular mobile app, Yik Yak, and an argument ensued between users who didn’t see anything wrong or racist with the photo and users who didn’t appreciate what was seen. Here are screenshots which we obtained from an anonymous student. (Viewer discretion is advised, click on the photos to enlarge)



Chandler Perry, a student at the University of Maryland, told us that she discovered the photo on her Instagram feed under the Explore tab and was infuriated by what she saw.

“I was so baffled that 77 people liked it and none of those 77 people told her it was inappropriate,” Perry said.

Samira Jackson, vice president of public relations for the University of Maryland’s Black Student Union, also expressed dismay at the photo on her respective Instagram page and called for President Loh to respond.

“I didn’t know it was okay for white people to say n*gga now? Who knew?”

We have reached out to the University of Maryland’s chapter of Delta Gamma Sorority Inc. as well as some members of the sorority for comment but have not received any response yet.

We also reached out to the Instagram user who posted this photo as well as the young woman seen in the picture but they couldn’t be reached for comment before this story was posted.

UPDATE: The University of Maryland Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life has responded to the photo with the following tweet.


2nd UPDATE: Delta Gamma Sorority Inc. has responded via Facebook to the photo causing a stir on social media. Click on the photo to enlarge.


Some commenters believe that this cake was part of an inside joke based on Three Six Mafia’s song entitled “Suck a N*gga D*ck.”

79 thoughts on “UMD Chapter of Delta Gamma Sorority Member Posts Controversial Photo”

  1. “I didn’t know it was okay for white people to say n*gga now?”
    Like it’s okay for black people or any other persons to say it? That’s not a very appropriate thing to say either.

    1. Regardless of opinion, it’s never OK for a white person to be using the N word. You are not going to dictate how Black people use that word. That is the Black community’s own decision and concern to deal with.

      1. That is YOUR opinion mason. I am going to use the N word any damned time I please because the black community is NOT going to dictate to ME what I can say in the United States of America. If you don’t like it then that is your personal problem.

        I tell you what….White People will stop using the N word as soon as blacks stop committing the majority of crime, start getting off welfare by getting jobs, and start being decent human beings. #pantsupdontloot

      2. @Mason, it is not okay for black people to use the N word either. It is not a term of endearment. It doesn’t matter if you say n*gger, n*gga or n*ggra. It is offensive and deragatory regardless of who uses it.

    1. Simple. The word has been used as a derogatory term against blacks since slavery. To fight this blacks took the word back in order to empower themselves. Blacks have used it as a way to combat years of racism. Other races are trying to use it because it’s “fun”. See the difference?

      1. Bull. Shit. How about you stop raping, robbing, looting, rioting, stabbing, stealing, shooting, assaulting, beating, and murdering innocent people then you will not have to worry about being treated like the THUGS you are! #getajob

      2. @ Chris and ICantBreathe, you both are wrong. NOBODY black, white or otherwise should be using the N word. Just because some blacks use it in the manner you are referring to does not make it right. That’s a cop out.

    2. @ Proud (and Ignorant) White Woman, nobody can stop you from using racist terms. However, you better make sure you use them in the privacy of your home because someone will put their foot up your flat ass if you say it to them. Let me school you on something bitch! Nobody has committed more crimes on the face of this Earth than whites. That is a known fact. You all are the most violent and vile people crawling on this planet. Nobody has raped, murdered, tortured, etc., than you. Statistics also show that whites are on welfare more than anyone else. Why don’t you follow your own advice and try to become a decent human being?!

    3. @Nil, don’t waste your time trying to understand it. It is wrong for black people to use the N word too. Nobody should be using it just like it is wrong for anybody to use the C word, which rhymes with slacker.

  2. I find it incredibly irresponsible for this blog to post an instagram picture without ommitting the instagram user’s username. You have exposed this person to scrutiny via social media that is undeserved regardless of their act and exposed their identity which is easily ascertained despite the little information displayed

  3. Yes, publicizing this type of language was a mistake, undoubtedly. But this picture is clearly an inside joke, does that make it ok to be published socially ? No I don’t think so. However, it is plain cruel and unnecessary to ruin the reputation of someone who is probably otherwise a great person over a single post. There are more pressing issuing than some innocent jokes that, by the context, was clearly never meant to offend anyone. Don’t be ignorant, and don’t ruin an individuals reputation like this. Kindly asking them to take it down would have sufficed.It is not too late to remove this entry as well. The tiniest bit of research on this Instagram will reveal that the owner herself is part of minority. Please, stop the hate.

    1. How is the use of this word an “inside joke”? What inside jokes are you telling? She ruined her own reputation by posting this. She chose to use the word, this wasn’t no accident. She could have used a private account too. Just because the owner is “part of a minority” (what does that even mean? You know there is more than one minority right? Rather vague) doesn’t mean this was okay.

  4. The person who posted this photo is not white. Do you’re research before trying to slander someone next time. Saying white people can’t say “n*gga” but black people can is just as racist as the word itself.

    Also there was one “steamy” email, not “emails,” so, again, do you’re research.

    1. It is not “just as racist”. You need to inform yourself. Do you’re research.
      I’ll start you out. Go on google and type “slavery”.

      1. To say that black people can use a word that white people cannot is discriminatory and ignorant.

        **Since it is a pretty big word, here is a definition of discriminatory: “making or showing an unfair or prejudicial distinction between different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”

      2. Slavery ended a looong time ago. No one alive today ever knew a slave. nor did their parents. Nor their parents. And maybe the their parents as well.

      3. Do you know anyone who was a slave? Were you ever a slave? No. Then STFU about slavery. If you prefer, Africa is thattaway. Rejoin your peeps in that mothaland and everyone is happy.

    2. I think you meant *your. I can’t believe there are still people as ignorant as you who have the audacity to say something so stupid. Please do your research on African American history before you come online talking shit. Nothing a black person does in this country can ever be as racist as slavery.

  5. I kindly ask you to take down this article as it is a misrepresentation of an innocent girl and sorority.
    How would you like someone to screenshot this inaccurate, poorly written article with your name on it and write an article slandering you.
    Please think before yo uact.

  6. this was an instagram from a private account, there was no affiliation with the sorority. it’s your own personal biases against the sorority that led you to associate it with the instagram. it’s pretty unrealistic to think that one person’s actions are indicative of the entire chapter. i’d rethink your angle here, BeBreezyMan

  7. I see a lot of people saying very ignorant things, such as “it’s just as racist for black people to say n*gga”. Let me set some things straight for you guys.
    Perhaps you have forgotten, but there was this thing called slavery in which Africans were stolen from their country, brought to America, and forced to do manual labor for hundreds of years. Ah yes, and they were also called n*ggers. Even after slavery was “over” the term was still used by white people to put down blacks and make them feel subpar.
    Now blacks decided to combat this by TAKING BACK THE WORD, and as a result taking the power away from those who tried to use it hatefully. And the trend continues today. It is a conscious effort of recognizing the hate and turning it back onto itself.
    For people who are not black to use the word is foolish, and for anyone to say black people using it is “just as racist” is simply being ignorant of the past.

      1. Are you saying you’re not smart enough or capable of not saying a word just because you’ve heard it? Really? We’re all grown here, not 5 year old children.

    1. You apparently have forgotten about the past – and present – where al you n*ggaz have behaved like feral beasts. Stop behaving like animals then you will no longer be called animals. See how easy that is?!

      1. @ Proud (and Racist) White Woman. “YOU” are the wild, inbred beast, roaming the Earth on all fours. Take your hoofs off the keyboard because you’re typing a bunch of nonsense.

  8. By having this innocent girl’s picture up here and posting it to facebook pages is just cruel; she did not write the caption so why are you going to publicly shame her?

  9. Oh she really thinks she’s going to make her account private, write a fake apology and make this go away? Hell No, I’m sending this shit to ABC, CNN, NBC, and the Diamondback and every local news station and they’re going to LOVE this and make this shit loud, because no matter how many times it’s explained that it isn’t OK to mock people of color, they continuously fail to grasp a simple concept. It’s only when these issues are brought to national attention that it finally is addressed. And you bet by this weekend the entire DC area will know this girl’s name. This ends today.

    1. The individual who posted the picture is a “person of color.” Not saying that makes it right, but you’re not gonna get the white vs. black story you’re looking for here. Also “Suck a n***a d**k” is the hook to Three 6 Mafia’s “Slob on My Knob”.

      1. she looks white., she’s in the sorority full of white girls and barely any minorities.. and just because it’s a hook to a song doesn’t make it ok.

      2. The girl in the picture is not the girl who posted it. The girl who posted it does not “look white” at all. If you did any research you would know that.

      1. You are the piece of shit. All you have to do is look at your skin which is the color of shit. You can go back to africa any time you want. Trust me when I say no one is stopping you and that people will cheer when you leave. 12.85% of the USA population is responsible for the majority of crime, welfare recipients (especially generational recipients), high school dropouts, abortions, STDs (you n*ggaz are some nasty disease-riddled POS), and are responsible for the downfall of decent society in America over the last 50 years.

        You nasty POS destroy everything that is handed to you then whine that you need more. You are given free housing and you destroy it then whine that you live in the ghetto. Nothing is ever good enough for you thugs because you feel entitled to be handed everything. 95% of black people are murdered BY OTHER BLACKS because you hate yourselves so much. Why should anyone else show you thugs any respect when you hate yourselves so much?! Start acting like decent human beings and you will be treated like decent human beings. Continue acting like n*ggers and you will continue to be treated that way. #blacklivesdontmatter

      2. @thejmanproject

        Yet ANOTHER worthless THUG trying to silence White Voices. You nasty POS can say whatever you want but as soon as a White Person states the TRUTH it is “trolling”.

        Block me all you want because I have the last laugh. I am WHITE. That means that I am superior to anything you can ever HOPE to be. The lowest White person in today’s society will always be more valuable than the best blacks can offer. Know what’s sad? It has NOTHING to do with slavery. The reason blacks will always be bottomfeeders is because you thugs do not WANT to better yourselves. All you want is for everything to be handed to you so you can destroy it then whine about not having anything.

        Look at Detroit. Look at Chicago. Look at Atlanta. Look at Memphis. Look at St. Louis . Look at EVERY majority black town. Look at EVERY majority black area in EVERY city or town across the USA. EVERY LAST ONE of them are ghettos because you animals do not know how to do anything but destroy. If blacks were capable of living well without White People handing them everything then the majority black towns and cities would be thriving metropolis’ with the lowest crime and unemployment rates. Look at Africa! Majority black with black leaders for decades. Loaded with valuable natural resources. Still a third world country dependent upon what White Countries give them to even stay at third world country. If you thugs want to be treated like decent human beings then clean up your own backyards. Start acting like decent human beings. Stop CHOOSING to live like thugs. block me all you want. I see it as a badge of honor because the #truthhurts

      3. There is a difference between posting your opinions and posting hate speech. Also, notice how I am still approving this comment and how I have not deleted your previous bigoted remarks. You will no longer be able to post from here on going forward.

      4. @Proud (and sexually frustrated)White Woman

        My replies to you are italicized.

        You are the piece of shit. All you have to do is look at your skin which is the color of shit.
        Your skin is the color of raw, dead flesh. Pink, wrinkled, aged spotted and weird smelling. Not attractive at all! Yuck!
        You can go back to africa any time you want.
        First of all, nobody needs your permission to go to Africa. Secondly, you can’t go back to a place that you’ve never been to before, idiot! As for me, I’ll gladly go to Africa or any other continent of my choosing. Telling someone to go to Africa is not offensive, so you’ve got to do better than that. You on the other hand should back to the Caucasus Mountains on all fours where you came from.
        Trust me when I say no one is stopping you and that people will cheer when you leave.
        Trust me when I say that you couldn’t stop anyone! People would cheer to get away from your evil behind. You really are one sad and pathetic individual. You are so jealous of people of color. I bet you have an appointment scheduled for next week to have a consultation on butt implants followed by a 2pm appointment for an orange spray tan.
        12.85% of the USA population is responsible for the majority of crime, welfare recipients (especially generational recipients), high school dropouts, abortions, STDs (you n*ggaz are some nasty disease-riddled POS), and are responsible for the downfall of decent society in America over the last 50 years.
        Again, nobody has committed more crimes against humankind or the animal kingdom for that matter than you and that dates back to the beginning of time. You are on the welfare rolls more than any other race or ethnic group combined. Statistics proves this. You cheat your way through school (including college…that’s if you can even get in) because you’re too dumb to make it on brainpower. You have more abortions than anyone and that is why you don’t want Roe v. Wade to be repealed. You have more STDs and STIs because you screw anything with a pulse (animals included…I feel so sorry for those animals). You put your mouths on genitals and swallow the contents. Talk about nasty! You crackers don’t bathe and that is why you have that weird scent. Slough off the dead skin cells and use some deodorant and maybe you’ll smell a little bit better.
        You nasty POS destroy everything that is handed to you then whine that you need more.
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        Bye Felicia!

      1. @WHITE PRIVILEGE, you can read my reply to Proud (and sexually frustrated) White Woman because you’re one and the same person. I can tell by the crap you’ve written. You aren’t fooling anybody. Furthermore, you aren’t superior to the shit on the bottom of your own shoe. You want to harp on the resources of Africa. It’s you who have raped and destroyed the resources of Africa. Where ever you go, death and destruction follows. History has proven that and it continues today.


    2. Poor widdle biddle black boy so offended over a word. How about you sue Three Six Mafia for writing the song that the cake was referencing? Oh..wait…that’s right! It’s only wrong when a White Person does it but you are not racist at all now are you.

      All you thugs are doing is proving how worthless you are. Funny how you thugs only pull your rioting crap in either your own ghettos or in PC areas where you know you’ll get away with it. Try that crap in my neighborhood and even the soccer moms will shoot your black azz.

      1. @ Proud (and Mentally Deranged) White Woman, I’d love to come into your neighborhood to open a can of whoop ass on you! Where can I find you? I’ll gladly come to you. Sit your non-existent ass down. You are the reason why inbreeding is wrong.

  10. You guys ought to stop victimizing yourselves every time some race issues perks up. Every single race has been part of the slavery camp at some point in history. We all have move on… It’s the culture and lifestyle that kills , not race.

    1. “We all have to move on” is rather easy to say. How dare you even try to make it seem that simple? There are remnants of the slavery and racism that existed in the past even today. Don’t try to ignore that by saying “you guys” need to stop victimizing yourself. That’s such a classic response. Rather than ask yourself why an entire race feels that they’ve been wronged you focus all your energy on blaming the victim and ignoring the injustices. You, my friend, are being a coward. Feel free to keep trying to be blind to race. Ignorance is bliss. But while I see how much of a distinct difference it makes on how people are treated in this society, I will not ignore it. You will continue to hear my voice.

    2. @ spades, I don’t care who was a slave. It was wrong to enslave anyone period! Let me school you on something. It does not justify, excuse, dismiss or diminish the white man’s role in slavery. Nobody has profited more that the white man in slavery. “You” white people need to move on. You haven’t and that is why racial issues continue to exist in this day and age. You continue to do and say things that are mean and hateful then you expect everyone else to get over it, move on, stop being so sensitive, etc. GTFOH already!

  11. how can you expect people of ANY race to not use the word when it is in almost every popular song on the radio today…it has become a common word to the point where people forget its derogatory, just like the word “retard”. it doesn’t matter what color you are, this is the doing of pop culture and it can’t be reversed at this point. if blacks didn’t want whites to use it as casually as they do, then they shouldn’t have started using it so casually and finding it acceptable that it is promoted through today’s popular music.

    1. The only radio stations that are playing songs with the N word are Black radio stations. These songs are created by Blacks and promoted to Black audiences, but as usual white people always like having their nose in the business of minorities and act like it’s their requirement to see what Black people are doing, reading, saying, discussing, how they live, eat, sex, work, dance, play and function, etc. Why are white people listening to Black music anyways? Who authorized you to say the N word? Go listen to some Taylor Swift and One Direction or whatever, problem solved.

      1. Kewl. You forgot the separate water fountains, bathrooms, and eating establishments. Maybe together we can write our Congressman letters about how we want separate everything. #ApartheidIsCool No? Bad idea? Then STFU.

      2. Actually Crystal segregation would be a blessing. The only thing that will bring peace in today’s society is to live separately. There is nothing wrong with having all black areas, hispanic areas, and all White areas. In the middle can be the mixed groups that don;t mind slumming it. The black areas can keep all the tax money that comes from sales in black stores and that money can be used to support that community. White and Hispanic areas keep their own tax revenues to support their communities. In the mixed areas the tax monies are given to the corresponding community. Let the blacks support themselves because we Whites are tired of paying for them. Let the blacks pay for their own jails and their own food stamps. Let them steal from each other because they know if they go into White areas they will be shot on site.
        #utopia #pantsupdontloot!

    1. @ Proud White Woman, you sound like an ignorant racist bitch. Your cracker ass is not paying for anything regarding black people. Furthermore, you talk about shooting blacks who come into white areas. That’s part of the problem with the world today. Racist, savage whites armed with guns and willing to shoot anything that isn’t white. I bet you’ve sucked many a dick you nasty ass cunt.

  12. White people are really taking the “L” in 2014. Can you guys keep our name and culture out of your mouths for once? What is it about Black culture you find so oddly fascinating?

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