Madonna Explains Her Rebel Heart Controversy



Madonna has been quite the rebel this week, coming under fire after posting several fan made photos of iconic public figures with black ribbon wound tightly around their faces in relation to her “Rebel Hearts” album which hits stores in March.

Since posting the photos, the legendary pop star has made it clear that she was not trying to compare herself to Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and the other iconic figures that appear in the photos that replicate her new album cover.

The response to the photo postings have been mixed with some people find them very artistic while others find them offensive. On Friday evening, Madonna posted the following message on Facebook:

“I’m sorry

I’m not comparing my self to anyone
I’m admiring and acknowledging there Rebel Hearts
This is niether a crime or an insult or racist!
I also did it with Michael jaclson and frida khalo and marilyn monroe
Am I saying I am them
I’m saying they are Rebel Hearts too.
I didn’t do it
My fans did
And I just re posted those photos
My fans aren’t racist either
If they put me in the same category as these other people
Thank you. I’m very flattered and I hope one day to live up to 1 100th of what those people accomplished.” – Madonna

However, the postings continued on Saturday with Madonna posting a photo on her Instagram of the late Princess Diana, mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, who died in 1997 and was known across the world for her admirable charity efforts. She posted the photo below with the caption:

“Yes Princess Diana was. #rebelheart! Anyone who for freedom is a #rebelheart,”


The 56-year-old singer then made a statement thanking her fans for their artwork:

“I would like to thank all my fans for recreating my album cover with the Rebel Heart ribbon on the faces of so many Great Hero’s. It shows that you are also celebrating and in admiration of these great freedom fighters!” she wrote.

“When I repost these images i am saying YES! These people are all Rebel Hearts in one way or another from Martin Luther King to Jesus to Nelson Mandela to John Lennon,” she added. “YES! Lets celebrate them! The world needs more people like them.”


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