How I got hooked on Vh1’s “Bye Felicia!”

Nearly 20 years after the premiere of Chris Tucker and Ice Cube’s “Friday,” the catch phrase “Bye, Felicia” is still being used.
Courtesy: Tumblr
The term, “Bye, Felicia!” has also been popularized through memes circulated on social media, featuring the original Felicia from the movie. The memes are often used in place of verbally dismissing someone who has said something ridiculous or just  really annoying.
Courtesy: Atlantadailyworld
Courtesy: Atlantadailyworld
Last month, VH1 and Lighthearted Entertainment aired the new makeover series “Bye Felicia!” which proved to be just as funny as the original movie the phrase was featured in.
At first, I was a little confused (to say the least) about the show because of its title, but life coaches Melissa “Missy” Young and Deborah “Deb” Hawkes proved that the show is more about helping improve the lives of women  rather than “throwing shade,” as the title insinuates.
Young (left) and Hawkes (right) have become my new favorite reality tv show divas. As successful life coaches in Atlanta, they have both decided to move their practices across the country to L.A., where they help white women discover their true beauty.
Young focuses out the outer appearance of the women, getting their wardrobes up to par and hair “snatched” by the super talented Hector; while Hawkes helps the women through emotional healing and personal development.
I started watching this season midway through at episode four and I must say, the more I watched “Bye Felicia!” the more I was inspired to make some changes to my own life at the start of the new year. Aside from playing catch-up with the series, I started to realize that other people should actually give this show a chance.

The life coaches have turned clothes-less rocker chics to “wifey material” and even helped a sex-less mother of two “get her groove back” faster than Angela Basset set that car on fire in “Waiting to Exhale” (See what I did there!)
What I love most about the show, aside from the full inside and out makeovers, is the chemistry between Young and Hawkes due to a 40 year friendship. These two women have the ability to use their humor, brutal honesty and past experiences to help you, the viewer, and the women on the show without you even realizing it.
I was honestly shocked at Vh1’s ability to have a show that features two intelligent and successful black women in a positive light after they received criticism for allowing Mona Scott’s “Love and Hip Hop” and “Sorority Sisters” shows do the exact opposite.
If I could send some of the people I know on “Bye Felicia!,” I would.
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Tune in to “Bye Felicia!” every tuesday at 9pm EST.
Courtesy: Ustream tv blog

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