Glee: The Final Season Premiere Recap – Homecoming


Gleeks ruled Friday night after months of anticipation and waiting, Glee returned for its highly anticipated sixth and final season.10479709_10153085259882044_2493421727946440599_n

Season five concluded with all of the former show-choir members headed in different directions. Rachel left her role as Fanny Brice on Broadway to pursue a television career in L.A., Blaine took over the New York loft with Kurt, Sam landed a modeling gig and as for Mercedes, well she ended up going on tour with Britney as her backup dancer.

With everyone going in so many directions, many fans questioned where creator Ryan Murphy was going to take the final season. Fans received their answer as it was very clear that Glee should return to their original roots and pay homage to the simple things that have made the show such a success. Following some minor setbacks, the former members of New Directions made their way back to where it all began, McKinley High.

Season six opened with Rachel learning that her television career was over, when the network cancelled her short lived show “That’s So Rachel.” She realizes that L.A. was not the place she needed to be, so she flies home to Lima where she learns that her father has decided to divorce her other father and they have put her childhood home up for sale. So much for a welcome home!

Rachel soon met Blaine for coffee where she learned that he and Kurt were no longer together and he had moved home from New York to coach the Warblers.

Things at McKinley have certainly been “all shook up,” as Principal Sue Sylvester forces students to eat raw kale and partake in mandatory weigh-ins. After taking away the Glee Club in season five, Sue’s crowning achievement was transferring all the Glee Club kids to other schools. Finally, when things get ugly at McKinley, the hounds are released: pitbulls to be exact.

Now let’s talk about this, I understand that this is a television show and things are meant to be exaggerated, but releasing pitbulls into the halls and forcing students to weigh themselves in order to come into the building are all unrealistic analogies, but they were very creative for the point of the storyline.

With her career on the line and no where else to turn, Rachel decides to bring back the one thing that made everything make sense…the Glee Club. She convinces the superintendent to let her reinstate the Glee Club at McKinley and since junior year students at NYADA must complete an off-campus work study internship, Kurt returns home to help Rachel (convenient). Plus, he really misses Blaine and wants to win him back.

With a little pep talk from Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison) Rachel is ready to “Let Go” and bring the Glee Club back to life. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived, as Lea Michele sang the chart topping song “Let It Go,” from Disney’s Frozen. The performance itself gave me chills as Michele, sang every note too perfection. The wait was well worth it.


Having Rachel take over the Glee Club was a great idea, the club has been her baby since day one and she wants nothing but the best for everyone who joins it. Starting from scratch and freshening up the club that made everyone happy was a good direction to take the show in, as it reminds us of how it all began. With a fresh new face of students, I’m sure there is tons of talent to be found.

The second hour of the premiere began with Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Tina, Puck, Mercedes and Sam all returning home for homecoming week to assist Rachel in recruiting new members for the newly defined New Directions, and what’s a reunion without a group number? Everyone broke out their favorite neon pieces from their wardrobe and headed to the cafeteria for an impromptu song and dance number! Tackling “Take On Me” complete with sketchy pencil drawings morphing into video montages was very creative and brought the vision to life.

With everyone excited to be back, it was time to recruit some members. Santana, Quinn and Brittany otherwise known as the Unholy Trinity used their sex appeal to try to win over new members. The former cheerios slipped into their uniforms and headed to the field to perform Ariana Grande’s song of the summer “Problem.” Santana (Naya Rivera) sang lead and delivered tremendous vocals, hitting all of the high notes that Ariana hits.


Following the fun on the football field, the gang met back in the choir room to report their unsuccessful recruiting tactics, when they heard a voice ring out through the air ducts. The group follows the echoing tune and discover Chicago transfer student Roderick (Noah Guthrie) in the library. He curls into a fetal position, assuming the army of alumni wanted to beat him up. Instead, everyone praises him for being a misfit and encourages him to try out for the club. So he does.

Guthrie’s voice is a smooth blend of soul, passion, and natural raw talent. It’s obvious that this boy will help get New Directions back on top where they belong.

With Roderick in, the first official Glee Club meeting will commence as soon as the second member arrives. Jane, a new student who wanted to break traditions and become the first female Warbler. After discovering that they wouldn’t let her in because of traditions, she decided to go where she new acceptance wasn’t an issue. Blaine storms into the auditorium, flustered that Rachel and Kurt would steal Jane from the Warblers. Jane (Samantha Ware) explains that she chooses not to sing with a group that doesn’t want her. Friendly competition between the respective Glee Club is over!

With only two members of the Glee Club, there was no telling if the revival of the club would be a success or not, until Santana introduced two more additions that she picked up from the Cheerios squad. Madison (Laura Drefuss) and Mason (Billy Lewis, Jr.), better known as the incest twins. When Spencer, the new openly gay football player with a outspoken personality finally joins the group, that will make a grand total of five New Directions members—it’s a nice throw back to the original five from season one.

Meet the news students of McKinley High:

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The two hour season premiere was well worth the wait and the response on social media was even better. Using the hashtag #Gleeseason6, fans tweeted their reactions to the premiere all night long:

IMG_1125     IMG_1128

Overall, I think last night’s episode was fantastic, it was great seeing some familiar faces return home to help out the club that made them who they are. The new students are intriguing enough that it makes you want to keep watching and find out more about them. The diva battles, bickering and annoying teenager drama that made it so easy for Sue Sylvester to root the Glee Club out of spite is no longer existent. But now it’s clear that the kids returning to Lima aren’t going to lose the one thing that made them who they are. They’ve lost friends, family, lovers, scholarships, jobs, and dreams, they will not lose the Glee club too. We discover that they are no longer the people they were in high school, but they also aren’t the adults they thought they would grow up to be when they were in high school, and that’s what makes these characters so relatable.

Glee returns next Friday at 8 on FOX!


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