MTV spices up reality TV with “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II”

While Vh1 and Oxygen are finding success with new shows, MTV is not far behind their widely popular reality shows. One example is MTV’s The Challenge, having some of the most successful ratings in its 26th season since the premiere of the network’s competitive game show Road Rules: All Stars in June 1988.
Courtesy: Tumblr
Courtesy: Tumblr
The popular challenge/battle-style reality show features several Real World and Road Rules cast members who compete for a cash prize.
If you were a fan of MTV challenge shows before the 2010s, you may recall the name change from Road Rules: All Stars in season one to Real World/Road Rules Challenge in season two and finally, The Challenge in season 19.
The Challenge becomes more interesting and outrageous each season. Competitions range from suspending fearful cast members over water while answering trivia questions to walking over a wire suspended several hundred feet in the air while holding onto your partner.

Since the beginning of the show, there have been several spinoffs such as Battle of the Sexes I and II where contestants compete by gender, Fresh Meat I and II where RW/RR veterans are paired up with unexperienced challenge “rookies” and Rivals I and II where contestants are partnered up with their worst enemies from previous spinoffs, working together to compete for the grand prize.
This brings us to the most up to date season, Battle of the Exes II. As the name implies, it clearly was not the most fun challenge for contestants. Viewers, prepare for the eye-rolling, miscommunication and high intensity shade all season long.
Courtesy: Tumblr
I mean, what kind of reality show places 26 exes in a house and forces them to compete with the one person they now hate the most? Sounds like an unstable environment, right? Well, it makes for GREAT TV.
These contestants must eventually get along with their exes (or at least pretend to like them enough to win the $350,000 grand prize) and to top it off, some of the challenges this season require the contestants to be really close to their rivals. Check out the trailer here!
Now after all of the background details, you’re probably really interested in knowing who will be featured in this season’s The Challenge. Take a look at the slideshow below for more details on the cast.
MTV has recently announced that this season will be dedicated to the lives of cast members Diem Brown and Ryan Knight who both died within 10 days of one another. Brown eventually lost her battle with Ovarian cancer after several years, while Knight’s death came unexpectedly shortly after.
Catch the new season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Tuesdays at 11/10 on MTV!

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