Expect to Download a New Update of Snapchat Tuesday Featuring More Video

When Snapchat first launched, it changed the way millions of teenagers and young adults message each other forever. Now Snapchat is trying to change the way you consume news and watch online videos.

On Tuesday, a brand new update is being sent out to all of the social media app’s users and it will include a new tab known as “Discover.” In this new tab, users will be able to read news headlines from outlets such as CNN and Vice as well as watch videos from ESPN, Yahoo, Food Network, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Warner Music Group and more.

This new original content will be created specifically for the app by some of the biggest media companies in the world. Advertisements will be included in videos and news articles and the revenue from these ads will be split between Snapchat and the media companies participating in this new section of the app.

Warner Music Group is also expected to introduce new songs from their artists to users through their videos on the app according to the New York Post.

Snapchat has recently hired journalists, videographers and animators to help produce video content. This seems to be an attempt by the tech app to compete with television and YouTube even though ironically, they’re using television networks to launch this initiative.

TV networks such as CNN, Comedy Central and ESPN also seem willing to participate because of their desire to remain relevant to a generation which uses their phones more than they watch TV.

How the new section will look like, courtesy: Digiday


Snapchat has an estimated 100 million users although the company has never released their figures publicly. But the real question as Re/Code wonders is:

…..whether Snapchat’s users will want to see stuff from the likes of CNN in an app they’re used to using for personal communication.

Do you prefer to watch videos on Snapchat from your friends or video produced by TV channels and online websites?

This story was first reported by Digiday.


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