NFL Will Run A Domestic Violence Ad During Super Bowl

As the football season comes to a close this Sunday night, the NFL has decided to draw more attention to a sensitive subject which helped kick this season off in a negative light last fall.

In partnership with the “No More” advocacy group, the league will release a public service announcement promoting awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. According to the Wall Street Journal, the NFL’s ad agency created this commercial at no charge to anyone and is donating airtime from the big game to make the 30-second broadcast possible.

“This is us trying to do the right thing. If my motivation was to help the brand, then I would have slapped the NFL logo on it,” Dawn Hudson, the NFL’s chief marketing officer, told WSJ.

The commercial features a woman calling 911 while pretending to order pizza as her abuser is sitting in the same room listening to her phone conversation.

This new PSA comes off the heels of another major advertisement expected to debut on Sports Illustrated’s website Thursday from another domestic violence advocacy group. Ultraviolet, which previously flew a plane with a sign calling out the commissioner, will be advocating for Roger Goddell’s resignation using the hashtag #GoddellMustGo.

Miko Grimes, wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, also exploded on Twitter this week to address the NFL’s alleged hypocrisy regarding domestic violence among other issues.

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Courtesy: SB Nation



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