A typical Solo hair day

by ASHLEY MARTIN aka “Solo”

Some of the beautiful women who follow my blog have asked me to do a tutorial on my hair. Don’t ask me why because I don’t see it. I’m one of the million women who rock the natural style. I’ve been natural since I was 17. I forsook perms because I just wanted fuller looking hair. Without really having the real intention to be “natural,” I just stuck with it and eventually went to wearing my hair curly 95% of the time (I straighten my hair twice a year).

So here is a typical Solo hair routine. Yesterday was sort of a “wash day,” even though I did more of a conditioning treatment. My curls needed it after all this crazy Maryland weather we’ve been having!

Courtesy: Kali’s Hair Studio


1. The protein treatment I use is Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor. My step-mom recommended it to me, and immediately after using it I texted her saying “LIFE.” It made my hair feel softer and healthier right away. And oh the shine! I personally used it in the shower. I started with rubbing it throughout my scalp and then made my way to the ends of my hair. I put a plastic cap on and let it sit for 2-3 minutes before I rinsed.

Courtesy: TRESemme


2. Right after combing all of the protein treatment out, I used TreSemme conditioner. This is my go-to conditioner because it has a thinner consistency. That’s for me personally! I co-wash every 5 days or so, TreSemme keeps my curls light and bouncy while still giving it the moisture it needs. I put another plastic cap on and leave it until I’m finished washing up. Once I’m finished showering I rinse it out and gently comb through it.

3. Now that I’m no longer naked, the next step is my mixed chics leave in. I love it because it locks in the moisture and gives my curls definition and I don’t think there’s much else to be explained about it except whoever made it deserves a Nobel!

Courtesy: Fonta Pharmacy


4. Right after my leave in, I use Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Pause. HAIR CRACK ALERT. My hair hasn’t been the same since I started using it. The reason I think people actually even like my hair, in all its crazy curliness, is because of this product. It reduces frizz to the most minimum, which allows definition to stunt its way to your first, second, and third day hair.

5. The last but most important step for my hair is SEALING. I already have a moisture retention problem so the weather doesn’t help. So far, twelve months out of the year I’ve had to seal with some type of oil. I’ve learned that my hair responds best when I use coco oil.

Thanks to everyone who requested this! I’m very flattered and grateful. I hope it was helpful. Just know that everyone’s hair isn’t the same. Keep requesting and I’ll post a full video next time 😉


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