Maryland Changes Official State Greeting on Welcome Signs

'We're Open for Business'
Courtesy: Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun


Maryland’s newly elected governor has already made his first big change: the state greeting.

For years, the Old Line state has used a simple, succinct tagline which urged drivers to “enjoy your visit.” But under a new leader, new rules must be set in stone.

“We’re open for business,” is the new state motto which I think is much better than Drake’s motto YOLO, right?

Gov. Larry Hogan has not released any information regarding this change but it looks like a subliminal message for what his main focus will be during his 4-year term.

Some folks such as the Baltimore Sun’s Dan Rodricks aren’t too happy with the change:

The greeting is supposed to make it clear that Maryland will … what? Give free pedicures to any executive who locates a business here? Further reduce industrial regulation? Hand out massive tax breaks?

Is that what we’re all about?

And if we’re open for business now, does that mean we were closed before?

You may not like the new tagline but I think it’s much more creative and unique than Pennsylvania. “State of Independence”? Aren’t all 50 states of the United States, states of independence?



R.I.P. to “Enjoy Your Visit.” It was real and fun while it lasted.

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