The Quarter-Life Crisis

Cardo's Couch

*Puts on venting hat* I’m at that point in my life where I’m DESPERATELY in need of figuring out my purpose. Discovering my reason for being placed on this beautiful planet we call earth. Am I here to accumulate wealth? Was I born to help others progress in life along with me? So many times I find myself staring off into space and wondering, “Cardo, why are we even here dude?” Now I’m not speaking from the perspective of self-doubt. It’s more of an eagerness, to know when I go to sleep at night; that I already know what the mission is for me the next day. We constantly go through life expecting a “sign” to show us the path we should take, but are these magical signs something we should chase or allow to come naturally?

I mean, I have dreams, but no one ever explained that life itself…

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