Who is Beck?


In what has become a tradition like no other, the Grammys awarded an artist many people haven’t heard of over an extremely popular mainstream figure.

Beyonce’s self-titled collection of songs was up for album of the year but was defeated in stunning fashion by Morning Phase, alternative rock artist Beck’s latest album.

The Beyhive (Beyonce’s fanbase) and fans of hip-hop music lit up social media irate at something many deemed as a travesty to the world of music. Critics of the Grammys Recording Academy pointed out that Beyonce released a surprise album via Facebook and was still able to go platinum despite no promotion.

Kanye West even considered “Kanye’ing” during the show and called for Beck to give his award to Beyonce during an appearance on E!’s After Party review show.

After the night’s trendiest moment, Beyonce fans and others were left wondering: Who is Beck? Well folks, we have your answer.

Courtesy: PacificCoast.com

Beck is a Los Angeles native who made his first connection to music, ironically, through hip-hop music and Grandmaster Flash in the early 1980s.

Courtesy: NextShark

Beck dropped out of school after junior high because he felt unsafe and believed he was an “outcast.” He attempted to get into a performing arts school but was rejected. Eventually, he transitioned to community college….illegally. Beck used fake I.D.’s to get into classes on campus.

Beck's 12th studio full-length, Morning Phase, will be released Feb. 25.
Courtesy: Peter Hapak

Beck suffered from a back injury in November 2013 which almost ended his career. The injury to his spine was so bad, it made it difficult to hold a guitar. Morning Phase was his first studio album since 2008.

Courtesy: Telegraph

The Grammy award-winning artist is a Scientology, Jewish and married with a daughter. He’s performed on Saturday Night Live seven times, has over 1 million likes on Facebook (over 200K followers on Twitter) and is best known for his 1993 hit, “Loser.”

Fans from across the world covered songs from his latest album which is displayed in the following YouTube playlist.

Even if his biggest hit song is called “Loser,” that’s an adjective you can’t use to describe the artist who stole Beyonce’s thunder tonight. Congrats Beck! We now know who you are!

Sources: Wiki, NPR


2 thoughts on “Who is Beck?”

  1. Beck also produced the album, and wrote, sang, and played every instrument on every song on his album, 10 different instruments in total.

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