How to Be a Total Optimist this Valentine’s Day


Let’s just take a break from all the Debbie Downers who absolutely despise Valentine’s Day and think of how much fun it can be to watch all the love around you! Whether you are basking in the single life or cuffed to someone special, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to acknowledge the emotion to rival all emotions: L-O-V-E. So just in case you find yourself slowly evolving into a bitter shrew of a person, here’s how to stay positive this holiday.

1. Play Cupid

If you can’t beat them, join them. It takes a village for lovers to pull off all their romantically elaborate V-Day surprises so be a team player, and make someone’s day by helping hang sweet banners or buying the rose petals. Cheerleading on the side lines takes major heat off you and your status as a singleton.

2. Throw a solo dance party

If there was ever a time to get down to obnoxious pop music everyone hates to love (Taylor Swift), it would be today. Plus, it is okay to dance like no one is watching because literally…no one’s watching. And if you are really in the zone, the night may call for a dramatic lip-synching session, featuring Celine Dion and any other diva featured on an epic movie soundtrack.


3. Run a movie marathon

Sometimes, Saturday night calls for an entire 6 hours dedicated to living vicariously through Rachel McAdams. Or of course, reliving Ross and Rachel’s top 10 cutest moments online would probably distract you from the gray cloud raining over your lonely little head.


4. Wear pink

So you are not the spirited type to run around with sparkles and heart-shaped glasses all day long. Wearing a magenta tee or a few rose-colored bracelets is all it takes to convince everyone that you are okay with being single and you do not want to set everyone with a date tonight on fire with your mind.

5. Remember, it’s only ONE day

No one wants to hear your rant about how consumerist Valentine’s Day is, how completely corny grand displays of affections are, and the murderous origins of this holiday. IT’S ONE DAY.  You should just consider this the one time a year your faith is restored in the kindness of humanity.


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