Yeezy Season Is Here!


Love him or not, Kanye West is someone who’s hard to ignore. Whether the media is talking about his latest outburst or Instagram is going B-A-N-A-N-A-S (Thanks, Gwen) about one of his latest posts with beautiful baby North, we’re always hearing about him. I will prove this theory by asking whether or not you’ve seen pictures from Ye’s fashion show last week? Yes? I rest my case.

My next question is whether or not you’ve heard his exclusive new track that he used in the show? No?

Well, call me wonder woman! To the rescue I come with the latest from Kanye, which features singer/songwriter Sia and rapper Vic Mensa. The song is called “Wolves” and is the first track from Ye’s new album that remains nameless and dateless as of now.

Ye has blessed us with some other tunes in the past couple of weeks including “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds,” which features Paul McCartney and Rihanna.

No matter how you feel about his latest track, Kanye probably doesn’t care because the only approval Kanye needs, is Kanye’s. Yeezy season is upon us people. So free up some space on that phone and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Courtesy: Tumblr

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