50 Shades of Grey Review


A temperamental combination of frigid dialogue, lukewarm characters, and a few sizzling sex scenes, 50 Shades of Grey promises to be the worst good movie you will ever see in your entire lifetime.

Based on the best-selling erotic novel of the same name by E.L. James, 50 Shades of Grey centers around Anastasia Steele (Yes, her name is Anastasia), a soft-spoken journalist, who is thrown completely out of her comfort zone when she falls for a lavish and mysterious suitor with a penchant for complete dominance in the bedroom. However, as the two come to know each other, both their unconventional sex life and emotional baggage threaten to ruin any chance the two have of being happy together.

I am not surprised that E.L. James cites Stephanie Meyer as one her literary influences, because this movie was basically Twilight if you replaced Edward with a watered down version of Jay Gatsby and Bella with a slightly less obnoxious…Bella.

Think about it. Some unjustifiably protective weirdo who just cannot seem to stay away from a girl who every dude seems to want to be with despite the fact that she has an incredibly bland personality? Yup. Twilight.

The pros: cinematography, musical compilation, and sex. Many times, spectators get super excited about film soundtracks and then disappointed when none of the songs are featured in the films (The Hunger Games), so it was pleasantly surprising to see that the film incorporated almost all of its tracks.


Also pleasantly surprising was how great the movie looked. Visually, the scenery displayed in 50 Shades of Grey was extremely well-thought out and paired well with Christian Grey’s extravagant lifestyle.  The sex scenes were definitely captivating, but at one point I didn’t know if I was watching 50 Shades of Grey or 12 Years a Slave, if you catch my drift…

The cons: The plot of this story got really old after awhile. The entire movie just centers on Anastasia’s decision to either leave Grey for his closed off behavior or commit to the conditions of an extensively written contract pertaining to her life as his submissive. The problem is that she might as well have just signed the contract 45 minutes into the film because she was already complying with almost everything in it anyway. And Christian keeps talking about how he’s not a relationship kind of guy and yet, he’s super romantic the whole way through.

Furthermore, the fact that viewers are constantly being force fed to believe that Grey is only into Bondage and Discipline Sadomasochism (BDSM) because he is a totally messed up individual is kind of offensive to the BDSM community. Why can’t he just be a normal person who just so happens to like this stuff?


Overall, this film was captivating, but inconsistent both in plot and execution. Such a dramatic storyline calls for equally as dramatic acting and these actors spent the entire moving saying nothing with conviction, which left me completely uninterested in the whereabouts of their relationship. Should you watch it? Yes. Should you PAY to watch it? Absolutely not.


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