Empire Review: Lyons, and Sex, and Drugs! Oh My!


*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, you may want to come back and read after you have*

Well folks, I don’t know about you but I am still stunned by this week’s dose of melodrama from FOX’s highest rated show this season. Every Wednesday when the clock strikes nine we wait by our televisions for our favorite musical drama (and to see Cookie’s sassy antics and killer outfits, duh). The music is catchy and the acting is bearable so we tune in faithfully and this week was a treat to say the least.

When the drama begins we see Lucius Lyon having to make a decision that seems like a no brainer about who to bring with him to the hospital after fainting. The fact that he had to think twice about whether to bring Anika or Cookie really gave us clues about what was to come. There have been flirty vibes and romantic gazes exchanged all season between Cookie and Lyon so when they…well, let’s save the best for last shall we.

Next, we witness Jamal’s poor relationship finally crumble before his eyes. I will admit that last episode when Jamal claimed to not have a special “lady” in his life, that cut DEEP but let’s be honest, we all saw that one coming. Poor Dora…I mean Michael couldn’t take the heat. The previews for next week show a new love interest for our boy Jamal and from what we can tell, he’s someone worth bragging about.

wink gif
Courtesy: giphy.com

For most of the episode, we are rooting for Cookie because she seems to just be losing this week after being rejected by Lucius at the ambulance and then sabotaged by Anika. Anika has been jealous of Cookie ever since she strutted back into Lucius’ life seven short episodes ago and her drugging Elle Dallas just exposed who she really is: a vindictive jealous meanie. But she always looks flawless, so for that we salute you.

Of course we were all shocked and excited when Lucius finally kissed our beloved Cookie after finally admitting that he has ALS. That scene had us all like:

Courtesy: giphy.com

The best part of it all, was of course when Anika strolled in to find her man dipping his hands in the Cookie jar. Although the scene was predictable, it felt good to see karma rear it’s ugly head in the life of Ms. Perfect Anika.

Despite Jamal’s awkward dance moves, the incessant Lincoln product placement and having to watch Hakeem’s strange ongoing relationship with a women he weirdly calls “Ma”, this week’s Empire did not disappoint.

After this week’s mayhem, and the previews for next week, how could we NOT tune in?

Until next Wednesday my friends.


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