Mr. West Woke Up


There seems to be a new Kanye West, or maybe a side of him America just hasn’t seen yet. His recent interview with The Breakfast Club and his recent tweets are not only causing excitement, but also showing another personality of the controversial artist known as Yeezus.

This morning The Breakfast Club, a popular radio show based in New York, interviewed West. The hour long interview ranges from Amber Rose to working with Drake on a collaborative album.

Kanye sat down to talk to The Breakfast Club.
Kanye sat down to talk to The Breakfast Club.

But regardless of the conversation, Kanye remained content and perceptive.

It is no secret that West is known for speaking his mind but not exactly being politically correct.

Most recently, his comments on Beck winning “Album of the Year” and the whole concept of respecting the artistry raised some eyebrows.

“Yeah and I deserved it man, it was completely hypocritical.” Kanye said, during the interview, in response to the backlash.

“The other day I went to dinner, sat down with Taylor Swift, and ironically they were playing the Beck album. “ He went on to say. “I was listening and I was like, ‘Man this is kind of good, I ain’t going to lie.”


This response, considering Kanye’s reputation, took thought and composure. It showed that he reflects on his, at times, brash actions.

Throughout the interview, Kanye’s comments continued with this theme of reflection. He even recognized himself as a villain, the “known enemy,” but his thoughts on American issues are arguably heroic.

“We were born into a broken world that has been separated into race, religion, and class,” he said when asked about his new line with Adidas.

Originally, Kanye didn’t want a limited edition, but he soon realized the role he and his shoe brand play in part of the commercial system.

Kanye recently worked with Adidas to produce Yeezy Boost.

“I didn’t want to play this sneaker culture game. I just want people to have what I make.”

Later on, Kanye touched on topics like the Mike Brown shooting, his relationship with Kim, and his new approach to music.

“This album is just embracing the music, embracing joy and just being a service to the people.”

He even hinted at a ‘surprise’ album.

Speaking about Twitter, Kanye started a trending topic of #YeezusReturns. In combination of the interview and his nine tweets, Twitter users immediately responded.

Some felt proud about what he said, others commented on Kanye’s new approach of ‘ranting’ and others reacted to a new side of him.

Overall, West continues to surprise people, whether it is with his music or his comments, he keeps the conversation revolving around him.

As he expressed via Twitter this morning,

“I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world.”


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