Campus Solutions Brings A New Perspective To UMD’s Campus!


There appears to be something new and local for UMD students to fill that void for a humorous take on news after Jon Stewart’s recent announcement of retirement.

Where’s that potential?

It resides in a team of students with their creator, Adam Goldberg, a public relations sophomore and creator of Campus Solutions.


Campus Solutions is a comedy news team centered around University of Maryland and set to solve UMD’s biggest issues,” Goldberg explained.

Campus Solutions officially launched this week with their segment on sex in College Park, inspired by a report in The Diamondback. The members of Campus Solutions set out to explain the phenomenon.

They launched four of their five videos within the past two days. Whether they set up students on Tinder dates or turned interviews into rap battles, the videos captivate attention with their humor.

“People can laugh but also think,” Goldberg commented about the point of satirical news.

Similar to his idol, Jon Stewart, Goldberg wants to make people not only laugh but also realize why they find certain topics funny.

“Sometimes we’re going to do serious content to expose absurdities, so that we have a point.”

If you follow them at @SolveUMD or watched their interviews and studio segments on sex it is clear that they plan on getting to students through laughs. The idea that started off with a goal in centralizing parody on campus resulted in about 20 members working on future projects.


“I knew I wanted to create something on this campus that was different than a regular sketch group,” Goldberg said. “I didn’t want to do an improv group. I wanted to do something more that deals with different mediums.”

This is a group dedicated in creating funny content. But it isn’t just a select group of comedians, Goldberg emphasized how open Campus Solutions is for any student who would like to join.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t exclusive,” Goldberg added.

Courtesy: Comedy Central

Thanks to comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the rise in satirical news has captured this generation as conventional journalism tries to catch up to a more modern take on receiving news.

“In general, it’s sometimes hard to read the news and take a step back to understand it,” Goldberg said. He agrees with how The Daily Show provides commentary on news.

“Satire is a parody with a point.”

Indeed this philosophy is expressed through their launch. It will be interesting to see what their future projects like a Ratsie’s documentary or commentary on crime brings and how they include a student perspective.

giphy (2)

Goldberg even talked about expanding to other college campuses. But in the meantime, it is exciting to see how different ways of talking about news emerges in a generation ready to laugh.


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