Mike Epps Comes for Kevin Hart Again



Just when the public thought comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps let bygones be bygones, Epps fueled the hate fire once again when he spoke candidly about Hart during an uncensored radio interview with Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morning.”

While Epps was there to promote his upcoming biopic role as 70s stand-up comedian Richard Pryor, he had some shady words for Hart when the conversation turned to Hart’s talent as a comedian.

“I love Kevin. Kevin’s a nice little brother. The only problem with that is he’s like a Kim Kardashian,” he said, referring to his idea that because the funny man is so popular and attentive to his social media following, he makes more of an impact than others who Epps deems more talented. “The social media is a lie… and these kids want to be lied to.”


Epps was also quick to comment on Hart’s use of multiple ghostwriters to produce the bulk of his standup material, an issue fellow comedy performer Aries Spears denounced Hart for in another recent interview.

“Richard Pryor had a writer…” said Epps. “Where it gets out of hand is when your writers are sitting in the regular little comedy clubs and they’re listening to comics who haven’t made it yet and they take it to you.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the two comics turned actors have made headlines for their heated words towards each other. They also caused a commotion last year when they battled it out on Twitter, which both contenders clarified to be more of a lighthearted clash.

Regardless, stars of the comedy world are starting to resemble their “thuggish” rapper counterparts, and these two are shaping up to be the next Drake and Breezy.


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