Empire Review: The Lyon Roars


Hello Friends!

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week – or mine anyway – time to gush about this week’s Empire! The plot is definitely thickening and this week’s episode definitely set the stage for whatever scandalous surprises there are to come in the last three episodes. So let’s dive in!

So last week’s ending went a little something like this:

giphy 5

I think it’s safe to say we’ve finally recovered – maybe. Cookie attempts to lay down the law about how she will only move forward with Lucius if he breaks up with “fake *bleep* Halle Berry.” Lucius seems onboard at first but as soon as Anika approaches him about some something shady he’s done with her father (NO surprise there), Lucius turns back into the washing machine we all know he is. Lucius Lyon is definitely starting to resemble Scar more than Mufusa at this point but we can only hope he makes all his wrongs right before doomsday hits (IF he even has ALS, I’m just saying).

In this episode, we had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Morgan who we already love! He oozes confidence and the way he read Lucius about the documentary was beyond refreshing. We’ve been waiting for a character who isn’t under Lucius’ mind control and he’s finally arrived! His conversation with Jamal about coming out was so authentic because it acknowledged an issue in black culture that is never really addressed – and on prime time television at that. Bravo to you Ryan! You serve a very important purpose on the show and we hope to be seeing more of you soon!


Although some problems were resolved this week, even more problems arose. The scene when Hakeem and Cookie finally talked about their problems was too precious for words but after that, things went downhill. Andre definitely had some pivotal moments this week and we finally understand why he’s been working so hard to take over his father’s company all this time. He wants acceptance from society and from his family. We’re guessing that when his wife finally told him she was ready to stop playing sick games with him in pursuit of the company, Andre lost it. The scene when he put the gun to his head had us like:

giphy 6

We’re glad that gun wasn’t loaded Andre, and we’re rooting for you!

Okay so I’m not sure about you but for me, The White Party they threw was SCREAMING Great Gatsby! I loved every bit of it. Of course when Cookie told “Auntie Camilla” and Anika about themselves we were snapping our fingers in approval but the best part, hands down, was Jamal’s performance. Here were everyone’s reactions:





Lucius, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling it as much:


Well Lucius we don’t really care about how you feel towards Jamal’s decision to come out because he felt like this…


…..and that’s all that matters!

Besides, we recall Anika taking off her wedding ring to visit an old friend at the end of the episode so it seems like you have some bigger fish to fry.

Sadly there are only 3 episodes left but you know I’ll be right here to gush with you until the final song is sung on the finale! Until next week my friends!


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