Why Is #TheDress Trending?


A day which started with random llamas roaming the streets of Phoenix got even weirder late Thursday night after a dress stole the Internet’s attention.

No, there is nothing fancy about this dress. It wasn’t worn by a major celebrity. It’s not worth a $1 million and it’s not the trendiest look in the world either. Believe it or not, the world has been arguing about the color of this infamous dress.

The trend began on Tumblr, a social media site which is known for random stories from everyday people blowing up as well as the GIFs posted by so many of its users.


And then it took off from there. The question of whether this dress is white and gold or black and blue stole the hearts and minds of a generation.

Tumblr users started tweeting about this brain teaser but it didn’t really blow up until BuzzFeed posted a story about this trending topic together with a poll surveying readers about what they thought the color of the dress was.

BuzzFeed’s story has been viewed more than 12 million times and helped the site make history. For the first time ever, the trendy news source had over 670,000 users simultaneously reading the site which is also the number of viewers who watched the season finale of HBO’s Girls in 2014.

Websites don’t usually have the same number of simultaneous viewers as television series often so this was a major feat to accomplish and shows how big the story has become.

Tumblr post
Tumblr post

The dress also has over 380,000 likes on Tumblr and has helped the original poster of this trend, ‘swiked,’ gain more than two thousand new followers on her page.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, ‘swiked’ aka Caitlin McNeill revealed that the dress is indeed black and blue in reality. Two of McNeill’s friends were getting married and the bride’s mother sent the soon to be newlyweds a picture via text message of the dress she would be wearing on their wedding day. The bride and the groom argued over the colors of the dress and posted the same picture on Facebook to see what their friends thought.

McNeill was one of the individuals engaging with this debate on Facebook and decided to share the debate with her Tumblr followers by reposting the photo.

“Then it went absolutely mental,” she said. “Some friends tweeted it, and within the hour I had tens of thousands of notes, tweets, messages.”

Here is more proof that the dress is in fact black and blue.



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