Be Wary of OneClass Messages You Receive On Canvas



Have you recently received an email encouraging you to sign up for an account with OneClass through ELMS?

If so, you’re not the only one.





It isn’t known how this message began spreading across campus but one thing we are aware of is that your classmates are not sending you these messages on purpose. They are not paid spokespeople for the organization and they probably aren’t participants in the site’s mission to post notes from college classes either.

Most students who send you a link to OneClass received a similar message from another classmate and clicked on the same link which leads them to the site. After they’ve clicked on the link, OneClass asks for permission to connect to their ELMS profile.

Jake Allegro, senior journalism major, mistakenly sent an email to many of his classmates after getting caught in what he called “a trap.”

“The instant you click on the link it sends those messages out to all your classes you’ve taken at UMD,” Allegro said.

OneClass, a start-up based in Toronto, is a “collaborative note, lecture and textbook platform for university students” that received a $1.6 million investment back in 2013 according to TechCrunch. It is not a fake website and does provide resources for students in need of extra assistance and notes for their classes.

Despite those facts, the messages could be perceived as misleading because there is no guarantee that notes from the specific class you received a message about will be featured on the site. The selection of notes you have access to is also limited if you don’t buy a premium subscription from the website.

If you log on to the site and decide to sign up, make sure you don’t give OneClass permission to access your ELMS Canvas account. If you happen to grant permission by mistake, go into your ELMS account and click on Settings. Under “Approved Integrations,” delete OneClass.


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