Why we had to storm the court against Wisconsin (Opinion)


If you haven’t been on campus all week or live in a cave without a smart phone, Tuesday night was one of the best nights to be a Terp, as the men’s basketball team beat #5 ranked Wisconsin in a hard fought game that ended with fans storming the court.

The fans, however, were quickly attacked by sports media on both a local and national level. Radio show hosts and journalists criticized us for storming the court because the game was not a major upset. Maryland, critics say, is the second best team in the Big Ten conference and only nine spots below Wisconsin in the national rankings going into the game. ESPN’s Seth Greenberg headlined the criticism. He expressed his anger with the following tweets:

Radio host Danny Rouhier of 106.7 The Fan in DC explained on a similar argument on the air, stating:

“I just think you should have an expectation. I think you should carry yourself as if you’ve been there.”

While I can recognize and understand all the criticism that is coming our way, I still think we had to storm the court after the game against Wisconsin. I think Tuesday night was a culmination of an entire season that surprised many people, including the students in College Park. The Terrapins have been awesome this year, and are right now looking at a number three seed in the NCAA tournament.

In the past four seasons, the Terps did not make the tournament once, finishing at the seventh or eighth position in the ACC. No matter how strong they have been this year, few expected the team to win against Wisconsin. I definitely didn’t. But the fans storming the court was about more than just a singular game.

This Maryland team is legit, and Tuesday night did everything to prove that. Though beating Wisconsin may have been different than our past home wins against Duke and Virginia, winning that game proved that Maryland could not only hold on, but actually be a threat in the Big Ten.

At the beginning of the season, most analysts expected the Terps to stumble into the conference and struggle in their inaugural campaign. That has clearly not been the case, and storming the court on Tuesday night was a celebration of all of their success and the hopeful success to come. The Terps, throughout this season, earned that court-storm for their fans, and the fans earned it on Tuesday night with their wild support for the team.

Men's Big Ten Basketball Standing, Courtesy: ESPN.com
Men’s Big Ten Basketball Standing, Courtesy: ESPN.com

The team’s home schedule is officially over with Saturday’s win against Michigan, but after Tuesday night’s victory, one thing will certainly remain true: no amount of criticism can dispute the fact that Maryland’s fan section is one of the best in the Big Ten. With the fans on their side this team is just as, if not, more competitive on the basketball court.


One thought on “Why we had to storm the court against Wisconsin (Opinion)”

  1. Aaron – As a Badger, I don’t like that we lost this late in the season and I don’t like the fact that only two Big Ten teams are ranked. At the same time, I’m looking forward to the friendly rivalry I will have with you and Jake. Nice article and welcome to the Big Ten!

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