Empire Review: “This is War”


Greetings all!

It’s that time again! Before we get to gushing, I have to share that our favorite show is continuing to break records!

tumblr_nkqy6cU52u1rjupavo1_1280 (1)
Courtesy: tumblr.com


So with that said, let’s jump to it, shall we?

This week’s episode started off with a bang! Just when we thought Anika AKA “Boo Boo Kitty” and Lucious were back to normal, Cookie bursts into their meeting with a wedding planner and exposes her backstabbing moves with Tony Baretti at Creedmore Records.

Courtesy: Tumblr.com
Courtesy: tumblr.com


Clearly, some of Lucious’ crooked ways have rubbed off on Anika and it has turned around to bite him in the butt. Well, Lucius we don’t feel bad for you. Sorry, not sorry. You’ve been screwing everyone over since day one and it’s about time you get what you deserve. Now, Empire is at war with Creedmore Records and all h-e-double-hockey-sticks has broken loose.

Fun Fact: Billy Baretti from Creedmore Records is played by John Bender from “The Breakfast Club.” Mind. Blown.

Empire’s crisis seems like the least important thing that happened this week, considering that Andre had ANOTHER mental breakdown, Cookie finally made her move on Mr. Malcolm the bodyguard, and the beautiful Estelle stopped by!

Okay, so first, we can all agree that Andre has lost his marbles.

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:


Courtesy: tumblr.com


Poor thing just gets worse and worse every week and no one ever notices – until now. Not only does Lucious have a problem with Jamal being gay, but now he has an issue with Andre having a mental illness. Nice Lucious, real nice.

The elevator scene this episode finally created a situation where Hakeem, Jamal and Andre could have a conversation that didn’t involve two teaming up against one of the others. But unfortunately, in the end even Jamal’s melodic voice wasn’t enough to keep Andre from freaking out after being shut down by Poppa Lyon. He’s finally going to get the help he desperately needs and it seems like he’s going to find more than his marbles in rehab. He and Jennifer Hudson’s character look like they’re going to be “helping each other” a lot. We’ll be looking forward to that next week. *WINK WINK*

Okay, so I know your tummies were bursting from laughter after Cookie went into a spread eagle for Malcolm.

Courtesy: tumblr.com


Granted Cookie had a little too much to drink, but we all know it wasn’t going to take much for these two to get close. Goo-goo eyes have been exchanged for 3 episodes now, but Malcolm finally shared that even though he likes Cookie, he knows that Lucius still has feelings for her. Booooooo! Even though we were #TeamLuckie (Cookie and Lucius) at first, he had his chance. We’re on #TeamMookie (Cookie and Malcolm) now and we can’t wait for next’s week’s hot and heavy scenes.

Lastly, can we gush about how cute the way Hakeem tricked Anika? I have to admit that was one of the only scenes I really thought Hakeem’s acting was convincing but lo and behold, he was creating a diversion for his mom! It seems like the theme of family that Lucius mentions so often is finally starting to sink in for some characters – except Lucius of course. Anika better watch her back because the Lyons are out for blood.

This week seemed to set up a lot of events that are to come in the last few episodes. We have to mention Estelle and Jamaal’s gorgeous song that will most likely be popping up on your Pandora or iTunes radio very soon – much like “Drip Drop” has (but we aren’t complaining). Empire has yet again left us wanting more and even though we can barely wait for this 2 hour finale in 2 weeks, we’ll just have to manage.

So, if you’re like me and still aren’t sick of the Empire anthem, “You’re So Beautiful”, here’s their performance from last night. Ciao!


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