Celebrities Stand for International Women’s Day


March 8th was International Women’s Day.  You may have seen this profile picture on your friend’s social media instead of seeing their face.


Not There is a collaboration launched yesterday between The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the No Ceilings Initiative of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.The act of removing women from pictures, magazines, and billboards reflects the current state of gender equality as told by a new analysis of women and girl’s progress: we’re NOT THERE yet.

not there
Courtesy of New York Times. Advertising company Droga5 removed women from 40 advertisements, posters, and other media.

“This is about putting a really important issue in front of people,” Katie Dowd, director of digital strategy at the Clinton Foundation told NYT. “We’re really trying to create a moment that feels meaningful.”

iHeartMedia removed women’s voices from well-known songs on 186 of its radio stations nationwide. The Clinton Foundation also put up short video messages on the app Snapchat and encouraged women to use the blank silhouette shown above as their profile picture.

While consumers are constantly flooded with information, advertising companies are creating big, in-your-face campaigns in hopes of making an impact.

The video features Amy Poehler, Sienna Miller, Padma Lakshmi, Cameron Diaz, and Jenny Slate’s voices.

Emma Watson is also a celebrity taking a stand on gender inequality.

emma watson
Emma Watson at Facebook headquarters in London during chat courtesy of The Guardian.

On Sunday, Emma Watson took to Facebook for an one-hour, live stream of solicited questions. Among the topics were wage discrimination, misunderstandings about feminism, and how all genders need to work  together to become equal.

Last year, Watson gave a memorable speech at the UN on behalf of HeForShe Campaign, a movement inviting both men and women to advocate for equal rights.

“I want men to take up this mantle. So their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice but also so that their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human too — reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves,” she said.


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