SEE Announces Art Attack 32… Well, NOT REALLY…


This past week Student Entertainment Events (SEE) announced the two performers set to perform for Art Attack 32. Or so we thought…

The catch is the performers are hidden within a Spotify playlist of artists.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.27.41 AM

SEE released the playlist last Saturday via Twitter titled, “Countdown to AA32.” Each time the organization updates the list the number of potential performers decreases until they finally have the two artists left.

What started off as originally 102 potentials is now at 75. The anticipation for Art Attack continues to build after last year’s huge success with Big Sean and Wale. With over 10,000 students filling up The Xfinity Center this upcoming concert will hopefully bring in even more fans.

“This is a dense playlist,” said senior bioengineer, T.J Falohun, after scowling through the artists lined up.

The list ranges from artists like Missy Elliot, Beyoncé or Outkast to others like Dillon Francis, The 1975 or Macklemore. There are so many artists to think about but some of them seem more unrealistic than others, according to students.

“Beyoncé would be cool but I doubt they got her,” said psych sophomore Callie Levin.

Questions of who SEE really hired to perform began after they released the playlist. Could the University really afford artists like Beyoncé?


The best way to investigate the playlist is through these questions.

“But any of these artists would be cool though there are some really random ones,” Levin added.

Regardless of who SEE chose for this year the huge response from last year is still talked about and students are waiting for another great set.

“I really liked it last year,” said sophomore kinesiology Alexandra Russell. “It’s just really cool seeing artists come to our school.”

When asked whom she would like to see Russell quickly scanned the list. “Childish Gambino or J. Cole would be cool.”

Others like Falohun who were unable to go last year are ready for this upcoming Art Attack.

“I’m looking forward to seeing someone who takes their performance seriously,” Falohun said. “I went two years ago and saw B.O.B and you could tell that he really took the venue as a serious type of an event.”

Stay tuned for updates as we countdown until Art Attack 32.


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