Empire Finale: What DIDN’T Happen?


Alright friends, before we get started we must all collectively pick our jaws up off the floor; I know they’ve been there since Wednesday night’s crazy finale of our favorite show. Okay, crazy is understatement.

It was insane, outrageous, and flat out nuts!

I had to go back and re-watch both episodes just for you all (partly because my mom kept asking me questions and because SO MUCH happened). Now, before we start chatting, even though we all know Empire went out with a bang, how big was the bang?

The first hour of the finale had 15.577 million viewers.

shock animated GIF
courtesy: giphy.com


BUT WAIT – the second hour of the finale had a whopping 17.5 million viewers!

Now with that’s said let’s recap!

So first, we have to address Cookie and Malcolm. I told you guys weeks ago I was on #TeamMookie and their scene up in the mountains was a great way to get the ball rolling!

So of course, the creators of Empire wasted NO time switching gears. The first “oh shoot” moment they threw our way was Hakeem going all savage on his dad. After our beloved Uncle Snoop performed his new smash hit “Peaches and Cream,” which is already in the 5-song radio rotation, Hakeem said some wild things about his dad. Even though the line about Anika was OC disrespectful, he was right about this:

courtsy: tumblr.com


After Lucius punches the grills out of Hakeem’s mouth, he proceeds to kick Cookie out of “his” company. Typical Lucius. The worst part wasn’t that Cookie’s out of the Empire (because later in the episode he asks her to come back), it was that #TeamMookie was torn apart! We hope that’s not the last we see of Malcolm. Hopefully, he’ll come back from DC to fight for his woman! #RIPMookie

Let’s move on to Andre. Poor thing has finally found peace through Jesus but of course Lucius can’t even let him have that. The jury is still out on whether or not miss church girl Michelle (played by Jenifer Hudson, poorly I might add), chose to help Andre out of the goodness of her heart or to get close to Mr. Lucius Lyon so that he could sign her. I’m sure we’ll get that answer in season 2!

The moment Lucius and Jamal share while they’re making music was beyond beautiful. Lucius eludes to the fact that he thinks that Jamal would be the best person to take over the company after he passes away, which is one of the best plot twists of the night. I know I was thinking that Andre was a shoe-in, and that Hakeem was in line right behind him, but him choosing Jamal was really cool to watch!

So this Creedmore party……what DIDN’T happen? Lives were threatened, Hakeem proved that he can back up his lyrics, and Jamal showed us a side of him we weren’t prepared to see. When Hakeem and Boo Kitty kept doing the do after Lucius walked in, we were all like:

That’s definitely when our mouths dropped and they stayed there for the rest of the night.

So can I please have a moment to brag about my excellent inference skills? You guys know good and well that I said WEEKS ago that I didn’t think Lucius had ALS and by golly look what happened!

According to the National Center of Policy Analysis, between 10 to 20 percent of all cases are misdiagnosed, which surpasses drug errors or surgeries on the wrong body part. So Papa Lyon gets another shot at life but that just means this God complex he’s got going on is just going to get worse.


So when Lucius got on his new medicine it apparently made him start spilling teas. Let’s go through what he said:

1. “Everybody who crosses me dies!”

2. “Your God can’t even hurt this boy. He tried to kill me (*laughs*).”

3. “…cause I’m about to come back like the phoenix from the ashes. Imma rise up from the dead like Jesus. I’m your messiah.”

I think we can all agree Lucius has finally shown us the REAL him and Cookie knew something had to be done. She takes matters – and a pillow – into her own hands by trying to smother Mr. Messiah AKA Lucius.

…And this is only part one.

When part two comes on, we see that Lucius is not dead and feeling very giving. Lucius seems to be making amends with everyone but we knew that nothing had changed when Cookie opened up that box. Of course Tumblr was all too quick to create some great memes! Gotta love Tumblr.

Next, when Cookie is approached by the cops but even after EVERYTHING Lucius has done to her, she STILL doesn’t snitch on him. She’s the definition of a ride or die chick and that’s why we love her!

After the elegant Patti Labelle shouted out the Black Lives Matter movement and  rapper Black Rambo shouted some obscene comments toward Jamal, IT happened. Yes, it is shameful to admit but it was the moment we’d all been waiting for. The Boo Boo Kitty and Cookie smack down! Again, tumblr held us down with the jokes:

It wasn’t the classiest moment of the season but it sure was entertaining.

Jamal’s encounter with Rambo was one of my favorite moments of the night simply because of his falsetto one-liner at the end of the rap battle. Even though I don’t think that comeback would have held up in 8 Mile, it sure shut Rambo up. Oh, and Twitter went nuts!

Andre was obviously feeling some type of way towards Vernon when they got into it. That fight was almost as good as Cookie and Anika’s…well almost. Rhonda rolls in at the wrong time, after she’s allegedly moved out, and kills Vernon with a metal candle holder. Then, Rhonda feels like it’s the perfect time to announce she’s pregnant, as if we can handle any more surprises. Rhonda needs to take her bib wearing self right back out of the door but of course she’s wiggled her way back into the plot.

After Vernon’s death, Empire FINALLY becomes a publicly traded company and the concert goes off without a hitch – sorta. The music was flawless as usual and tons of stars came through to grace the stage.

Lucius has another great moment with Jamal right before he gets arrested for killing Bunky. Bravo to Lucius for letting go of his played out homophobia. Bravo!

So many questions remain about the Lyon family and what we can expect for next season. Will everyone find out that Rhonda killed Vernon? Will the family actually be able to overthrow Lucius? Will Hakeem ever successfully date someone his own age?

There’s buzz that Fox will be waiting until the Fall for season 2 to begin so we have a while. Thanks for rocking with me this season my friends. Try not to overplay that Empire soundtrack while the show is away. Arrivedeci!

I’ll leave you all with some pictures of the cast members hanging out together because they’re adorable!


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