Dear Ratsie’s

Dear Ratsie’s,

It seems the time has befallen us. A moment University of Maryland students dating back to the 90’s have come to dread because if there was ever a pizzeria catered to college students, it is you. The more than 30 years of service you have bestowed to all who enter your seemingly dated walls knows no other than the merit of an institution.

You felt our devotion most during the late midnight hours as we trickled in, sometimes with some much needed support, after a night out on the streets of Route 1 getting into who remembers what. We were met with a line worth waiting for because although Baltimore Avenue is greedy with pizzerias, we cannot call ourselves a true Terp without having visited you.

You are a central meeting place to reunite before heading back home: “Yeah, I’ll meet you by Ratsie’s!” because everyone know where you are. There is no recollection of good times in College Park without the mentioning of an outing to Ratsie’s, especially if it included a fight or some PDA between two strangers that met eyes under your dreary lights. The employees knew you by name and your order.

I feel sorry for future Terps who will go on without the experience of going out to catch a calzone alongside some sketchy people, but all the while melting in the fact that you knew you were capitalizing on one of Maryland’s greats. There can be no other to replace how much of a symbol you mean to the university, its students and alumni. Yes, you don’t look quite the same as we remember during the daylight’s exposure, but still—you are Ratsie’s.

For the memories, for the food, and for an icon of our college experience we will miss you.

Sincerely yours,

UMD Terps



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