Houseboys and Poets: A Conscious Talent Show


Last Wednesday, students gathered in Nyumburu Cultural Center for African Student Progressive Action Committee’s second annual “Houseboys and Poets.” Guests sat down to a dinner while enjoying performances including spoken word, rapping and singing for a good cause.

Many performers centered their pieces around the current situation in Baltimore and the topic of police brutality. Others spoke on what it meant to them to be Black or African.

“It was interesting seeing the talents talk about the same issue going on, just being black and all the issues going on in the community,” said Samson Bintu.

Bintu, a senior studio art major, said “It was great to witness the amount of talent in this area.”

Jason Nkwain, a geographic information systems and English double major, performed a poem called ‘Have You Ever Seen an African Dance?’. Nkwain was accompanied on vocals by Gabrielle Aka, a junior journalism and French double major.

Junior Abriana Height, an electrical engineering major performs a poem about being a black woman.

Tomi Faldoun, a bioenigineering freshman, and Elie Rizk, biology freshman, performed ‘Is it Love?’ by Bob Marley. Faldoun sang while Rizk accompanied him on guitar.

The event was a fundraiser for ACF Uganda, an organization that runs mission trips to bring American students to Uganda, along with a clothing drive from the Iota Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. During the event, there was a presentation explaining what ACF Uganda does and the mission trip they take yearly.

Kawan Glover, a finance major and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, said Iota Zeta chose to co-sponsor the event in an attempt to branch out and team up with other cultural organizations on campus they haven’t traditionally worked with. Glover said he enjoyed the performances but felt the event was “under attended for the talent here.”

William Sama, former ASPAC president, said he enjoyed how “Houseboys and Poets” brought conscious artists together to share their art for a good cause. Sama said he felt that was one of the best aspects of the event.

Chydubem Nwaiwu, Physiology and Neurology major, came to the event because he “feel[s] a strong connection to the African community.” Nwaiwu says this year was an improvement and though there were fewer people in attendance the performances were better than they had been.

ASPAC chose to donate their proceeds to ACF because their former president went on one of the missions trips and told them about the charity, according to Shalom Abwa, ASPAC’s historian.

“I feel like last year set the tone for this year,” said Sabwa. “More people were excited to come and we had more hype around it.”

“It did exceed our expectations. We like the fact that people were willing to come and pay $5 to support such a service,” Sabwa said.

You can donate to UCF at

President Obama and Bill Nye Sit Down to Talk About Climate Change


In his seventh State of the Union Address in January 2015, President Barack Obama made his strongest case yet for combating global warming. Shocking many Americans, Mr. Obama stated that 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century. Continue reading President Obama and Bill Nye Sit Down to Talk About Climate Change

The Convolution of Continuity: Is this Marvel’s Peril?


Marvel Studios’ Netflix venture kicked off two weeks ago with the release of an episodic Daredevil series on the streaming service. Having watched every episode, I can happily report the show is excellent, continuing the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” trend of staying faithful to the source material while making its aging characters relevant for the 21st century.

But as I was watching Daredevil, listening to characters casually reference events from previous Marvel Studios’ projects like The Avengers, a thought popped into my head: is this too much? I began to wonder if all the inter-movie references and canonical spin-off series like Daredevil were creating a convoluted mess, an impenetrable wall of lore and backstory that make it impossible for the casual movie-goer or TV-watcher to fully understand what’s going on in any of these movies or shows. But before I talk about that, I should probably explain what I mean by “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”
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Loretta Lynch Confirmed, What’s Next?


This past Thursday, the Senate voted 56 to 43 to confirm U.S. Attorney General Nominee Loretta E. Lynch. Lynch’s confirmation comes five months after President Obama’s initial nomination. The time between her nomination and confirmation was one of the longest for any nominee in the last 31 years.

Many Republicans were hesitant to confirm Lynch due to her support of Obama’s executive actions regarding immigration reform. For some on the right, Obama’s executive actions are seen as an overreach of his power and have caused a partisan rift.

Lynch speaking in the Roosevelt Room at the White House with President Obama–Reuters/Yuri Gripas

Her nomination also holds major significance because of the Justice Department’s recent role in the debate over the connections between race and policing practices.

After Lynch is sworn in, she will replace current Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and become the first African American woman U.S. Attorney General. Her journey up to this point has been tedious and will continue to unfold as she assumes her duties.

As the attorney general, Lynch will be the head of the Justice Department and the chief law enforcement officer of the U.S. The administrations and operations overseen by the attorney general and the DoJ include the F.B.I., D.E.A., and U.S. Marshall services.

Loretta Lynch Confirmation for Attorney General
Lynch testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee–Pete Marovich/UPI/Newscom

Lynch will represent the U.S. in legal issues, foreign and domestic, when the U.S. has a vested interest as well as provide advice on legal matters to the President, the Cabinet and the heads of other executive departments and agencies. The job also requires Lynch to make federal appointment recommendations to the president concerning judicial and law enforcement positions such as the Supreme Court and U.S. Marshals.

Lynch is being sworn as attorney general amid increasing tensions surrounding the treatment of minorities by law enforcement and continuing disputes over immigration policy.

The spotlight remains on Lynch as the world awaits her first actions as U.S. Attorney General.

Why People Need to Change Their Perception of Kanye West


Kanye West, in all of his wisdom, wrote a very insightful op-ed for Paper Magazine’s April issue titled “Kanye West: In His Own Words.” West hits on a wide range of topics, varying from fashion to innovation to the Illuminati, and for one of the first times in a long time, he isn’t angry. What is unfortunate, however, is that while his opinions are both intriguing and beneficial to read, people’s perceptions of Kanye West – the ridiculous husband of Kim Kardashian, the loud-mouthed and rejected fashion designer, the Taylor Swift-interrupting egomaniac, and most importantly, the mastermind behind “ignant” bangers like “Mercy,” “All Day,” and “Don’t Like” – destroy his credibility as anything other than a musician and allow for these valuable opinions to be either overlooked or assumed to be ignorant banter.

Let me preface this by saying that I am huge Kanye fan, and he is undoubtedly my favorite rapper of all-time. But until not longer than a year ago, that man was arrogant, he was rude, and he was infuriated with his inability to succeed in the fashion industry. For me, as a fan, reading this essay brought a final end to that era. Continue reading Why People Need to Change Their Perception of Kanye West

Anything Interesting Happening In The DMV Anytime Soon?


If you’re anything like me, then you’re always looking for something new and exciting to do. Let me help you out! Below, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming events in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.

  1. Concerts

The months of April and May are prime time for music festivals and concerts! Check out Live Nation for upcoming concerts in the area.

For Tickets: Live Nation

2.  Dare Theory Scavenger Hunt 

Baltimore, MD

May 2nd, 2015

The Dare Theory is a fun scavenger hunt that takes place in a few major cities: Baltimore, D.C., Ocean City, and Philadelphia. The urban scavenger hunt takes participants from all over the city, where they will have to do a number of interactive dares to move on to the next station. You can create a team of 2-6 people to give competitors the best chance of completing all 50 dares. Whether you’re doing the scavenger hunt for fun or competitively, you’re bound to have a good time.

For Tickets: Dare Theory

3.  DC Funk Festival 

Washington, DC

May 2, 2015

This free event aims to bring the community together through the arts. This festival is taking place on U Street, one of DC’s liveliest corridors. Watch U Street come alive with great music, live performances, food, and vendors. Festival goers can enjoy performances by local artists like Black Alley, Elikeh, The Funk Ark, Crocodiles, Baby Bry-Bry, Backbeat Underground, and Congo Sanchez. There are so many different things going on at this festival that you’re bound to find something interesting.

4.   NoMa Summer Screen

Washington, DC

Wednesdays, May 27 – August 19

Enjoy a number of outdoor movies in DC’s business improvement district. This event is held in a large grassy area, so feel free to bring blankets, chairs, or whatever will make your viewing enjoyable. Outdoor movies are great for family fun and even date night! Before each screening there will be live DJs, special guests, barbecue, and so much more. This year’s theme will be “Dance, Dance, Dance” so each screening will be a dance related flick.

Salisbury Seagulls Celebrate Another Successful Relay for Life


“Fight back and make a change” are the words many students kept in their minds during Salisbury University’s Relay for Life event Friday.

Relay for Life is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk in support of the American Cancer Society, which funds cancer research. Thousands of students at Salisbury stayed awake for 12 hours in support of this cause, raising a grand total of $107,151.56.

“Relay for Life is one of the biggest events of the year for SU,” said senior Katie Burke. “It’s a time where we can come together as a school and honor the lives lost and the ones who’ve survived from this horrible disease called cancer.” Continue reading Salisbury Seagulls Celebrate Another Successful Relay for Life

Bruce Jenner’s Tell-All Interview with Diane Sawyer: RECAP


Millions of people tuned in to reality star Bruce Jenner’s two-hour broadcast interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night in which he spoke candidly about his life-long struggle with gender identity and his family’s reaction to his decision to become transgendered.

Social media was constantly buzzing with Jenner’s influential confessions, but just in case you missed the program, here are the highlights:

1. Bruce has always felt like a woman inside.
Jenner immediately got teary-eyed as Sawyer asked the first big question that everyone was dying to know. “Are you a woman?”

“For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” he said. In addition, Jenner currently refers to the female persona inside of him as “she” and “her.”

2. He has been cross-dressing for years.
Reflecting back on his childhood, Jenner says he wanted to try on his first dress at the age of eight years old, and when he did, it felt good. After ending his Olympic career, Jenner revealed that he took female hormones and had plastic surgery in the 80s to start his transition, but stopped after meeting Kris Jenner. Since then, he has put on women’s clothing in secret. Though, he admits to having been caught dressing up by both Kim and Kylie Kardashian in the past.


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Scandal Review: First Lady Sings The Blues


Buenos tardes Gladiators and welcome to rehab!

Just let me say, I know, y’all. I know. Shonda has played with us, she has toyed with our emotions, she has violated our trust and restored it all in the timespan of a week. This woman is wretchedly good.

I had to rewrite my letter to Ms. Rhimes because it just wasn’t strong enough to exemplify my stress level between last week’s episode and this week’s. It just makes no sense that one single woman can control the emotional trigger of millions of people. She can pull it when she wants, she can put the Scandal gun on safety, or she can throw it over the bridge. People, the point is that it ain’t right that she can control our Friday morning emotional state. Shonda Rhimes needs to be sued for emotional distress. I can’t handle this.

IMG_5306 (1)

Anyway, on to the juicy stuff, yes?

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NFL Made The Correct Decision Suspending Greg Hardy (Opinion)


After receiving harsh criticism for the way the NFL handled the Ray Rice domestic violence issue, Roger Goodell announced yesterday that the league would be suspending defensive end Greg Hardy for 10 games next season.

The NFL released a statement saying: “Commissioner Goodell noted that Hardy engaged in conduct detrimental to the league and that a suspension of this length would be appropriate under any version of the Personal Conduct Policy or its predecessors.”

In May 2014, Hardy was arrested for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. Continue reading NFL Made The Correct Decision Suspending Greg Hardy (Opinion)