5 Things You Should Know About New “The Daily Show” Host Trevor Noah


Earlier this week, Comedy Central announced that political jokester Trevor Noah will succeed current host Jon Stewart in late 2015, which many are pretty pumped about. But, for those who have no idea who this ambiguously tanned man in a suit is, here are five facts worth knowing about the entertainer.

1. He’s foreign: Don’t worry. He is NOT part of this weird 21st century pop culture British invasion America seems to be suffering from. Noah was actually born and raised in South Africa during apartheid when interracial relationships were illegal, which is pretty awkward considering his mother is a black South African and his father is Caucasian. As a result, Noah’s humor is primarily based upon global perceptions and ethnic material. Fun fact: this dude is crazy fluent in an absurd amount of languages including German, Japanese and Sotho…whatever that is.


2. He’s a stand-up comedian: With five comedy specials under his belt, Noah has been performing stand-up for almost a decade, opening for fellow funny man Gabriel Iglesias and Russell Peters. Mostly he can be heard joking about growing up as a mulatto in Africa, his experience in visiting America, and pointing out how awesome (and appalling) our country is.

3. He’s no stranger to The Daily Show: Since 2014, Noah has made multiple appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a news contributor, where he of course, had to poke fun at America’s distorted perceptions of the motherland. It’s pretty bold, but let’s be honest, this guy is speaking some real truth.

4. He’s already causing major controversy: Yes, already. Do not let the dreamy accent fool you! Social media is already blasting Noah over his previous tweets regarding both ethnicity and body image this one:

IMG_20150331_145933And this one…


Ouch, and this one.


5. He’s not the only man of color coming to Comedy Central: The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, the only African-American in late night television right now, replaced Stephen Colbert earlier this year. Although the newly diverse roster will make for a different feel, both shows are sure to grab major attention from curious viewers.


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