Kiss Cams, Angel Wings and Magic Mike Twerking: 2015 MTV Movie Awards RECAP


Funny girl comedian Amy Schumer hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Sunday. Although this year’s awards show was pretty much an uneventful collection of presenter banter followed by yet ANOTHER win by Shailene Woodley, there were some major OMG moments along the way. The moment Vin Diesel briefly sang Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” to honor his late Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker. giphyThe moment John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, got teary-eyed after Shailene Woodley dedicated her award for Best Female Performance to him. mtv-movie-awards-2015-john-green-cryingThe moment Jennifer Lopez challenged the cast of Magic Mike XXL to give us all a little show, and Channing Tatum accepted. Good looking out, Jenny.


The moment Rebel Wilson showed up in this:

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And then did THAT.


The moment Miles Teller said the sweetest words about Woodley before presenting her with the Trailblazer Award, causing everyone to wonder why she will not just marry the man and have his beautiful babies already.

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The moment Schumer and Amber Rose were caught making out on the award show kiss cam, and everyone was like, “Wait, what?!?!” Sorry Wiz…


The moment no one could pay attention to what Charli XCX was singing because we could not take our eyes off of that cringe-worthy zebra number.


The moment the entire Avengers cast took a knee and huddled up on stage during Robert Downey Jr.’s Generation Award acceptance speech. Now THAT is true camaraderie.

2015 MTV Movie Awards - Show
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The moment Zac Efron and Dave Franco competed in the most bizarre “Robert De Niro- Off” after winning Best Duo for Neighbors and we all wished Efron would just stop coming to these things.
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And the moment Kevin Hart was honored with the Comedic Genius Award and brought his adorable little Harts on stage. Awww! So in conclusion, Channing is still the coolest actor/stripper/daddy/human, future kiss cams should be forbidden indefinitely and Shailene is quite possibly, the most loved person on the face of the planet. What else is new?

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