‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ Trailer Review


(Caution: Spoilers Ahead)

The Force is strong in my family…My Father has it…I have it…My sister has it…..You have that power too.

The opening words to the second trailer for the upcoming seventh installment within the Star Wars series is spoken by Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill, and it brought a giant smile to my face, almost moving me to joyous tears. The first four phrases before the very last, “you have that power too,” signaled to anyone who has kept up with all six of the movies that Luke is speaking to another force user.

Off the bat, we are showered with fantastic scenes filled with a couple of new faces and two familiar ones, which I will get to later on.

We are given a glimpse into a familiar desert landscape (possibly the planet Tatooine), showing a speeder passing by what looks to be the remains of an ominously large Star Destroyer and a smaller X-Wing fighter, perhaps some remnants of a battle during the times of the Empire, which was still around in Episodes IV and V before being wiped out by the Rebel Alliance in Episode VI.

The desert palnet Jakku. SCREENGRAB from Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer
(Star Wars/Youtube)

As the trailer progresses, we see some of the new characters in quick scenes. Two of the most immediately different faces are the white female dressed in traditional Tatooine, dessert wear and the black fellow who we see running with her, followed by a little rolling droid companion that reminds me a bit of the iconic R2-D2. I have a hunch that this girl is the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia because of her physical similarity to a younger Leia, and who Luke was speaking to in the beginning of the trailer.

star wars

However, I have no idea who the black male could be. We do see him in Storm Trooper armor in the trailer, as well as in the first teaser trailer which was released a couple of months ago. I feel like he may become a main character in the new installment and he may have been the individual who Luke was talking to at the beginning of the trailer as well. Luke is the “last of the Jedi Order” after Yoda passed away in episode VI, and he may be trying to rebuild the Jedi Order by finding possible force sensitive people who do not even know they have that power.

The last two individuals that stick out from the trailer are the new masked Sith Lord with the unique-looking red lightsaber and an all-chrome armored Storm Trooper. The new Sith Lord certainly looks like a terrifying new foe that Luke will have to face, and it appears that he is single-handedly trying to rebuild the Empire because of the abundance of Storm Troopers in the trailer (who also happen to have new mask designs, while still bearing sharp resemblance to the original ones).

star wars

Aside from the new faces we are given a sneak peek to a catastrophic attack on a Storm Trooper base that seems to be coming from the inside of the base itself, a betrayal possibly? I think it may be the workings of the new black character that I mentioned earlier, because after that scene we see him nervously breathing heavily with his Storm Trooper helmet off.

But, alas, I have not talked about the two familiar faces we see at the ending of the trailer, I wanted to save the best for last. After what seems to be an intense chase sequence with an Imperial Tie Fighter on the tail of the iconic Millenium Falcon, we here the voice of a familiar smuggler and his hairy friend.

“Chewie, we’re home.”


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be in theaters this Christmas.

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